Jakub Różalski’s 1920’s Eastern European Mechs

Monday , 2, January 2017 3 Comments

I recently ran across Jakub Rozalski’s art and even though I’m not sure on how to categorize his work (Science Fiction, Fantasy, or a blend), I’m sure I enjoy it.

The concept of fighting machines set in a fictional 1920’s Eastern Europe grabbed my attention. I thought a possible influence was the Gundam series but my son pointed out that better contenders were Warhammer 40k Dreadnaughts or the Battle Tech Universe.

A favorite image is not even battle related but shows a farmer working on a Polish mech, probably a Great War casualty getting fixed to help with farm work.

Another favorite is a concept piece for a virtual reality game project titled Ancients. A titan like Samurai helps the purple faction clear away a red faction settlement.

There’s a lot more beyond the 1920’s mechs and the Ancients series. Examples include Krampus ready to finish off an injured Santa but about to be avenged (I hope) by three Christmas elves or are they elfs and this is why I didn’t get presents this year? There are werewolves and late 19th Century Russian forces engaged in a guerilla war, gnomes, titans, heroes accompanied by bear or wolf companions and much more.

You can find all this here and here.

Seems I not the only one impressed with Rozalski’s art as his work has inspired two games along with the Ancients virtual reality game in the works.

The game links also contain interesting art:

Iron Harvest 1920+ (release date is in 2018).

The board game, Scythe.

  • Kenny Cross says:

    WHOA! His art is fantastic! Thank you for pointing the way. Happy New Year.

  • I backed Scythe the day it went on KS, and I’m incredibly happy with the game. Very solid gameplay, and the art is unmatched, being all(with the exception of combat cards) Jakub’s art. Got my copy back in August. The art book is amazing.

    I’ll have to look at the Ancients stuff though. It’s been awhile since I looked at any new stuff from him.

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