JUST RELEASED: Galaxy’s Edge: Attack of Shadows

Thursday , 14, September 2017 3 Comments

The End of the Republic begins now.

*     *     *     *     *

The galaxy ignites as Goth Sullus and his fleet unleash a devastating surprise assault on the Republic. All that stands in his way are the 7th Fleet and the Legion. But with allies hidden in the very heart of the Republic, Sullus looks to reshape the galaxy in his own image.

Fleets collide in a moment-by-moment account of tactics, heroism, sacrifice, and the start of the final war of the Republic. The stakes have never been higher—and it’s winner take all.

*     *     *     *     *

Praise for the bestselling Galaxy’s Edge series by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole:

“Tight pacing, edge-of-your-seat action, and a soldier on the “bad side” whose only worried about the men next to him. If this is the quality we can expect from the rest of the Galaxy’s Edge Universe then consider me hooked!”

“A work of military science fiction so detailed you can feel the equipment and choke on the dust.”

“To say that I liked this book is an understatement, and even love It is a half-hearted disservice to the authors. These guys- Anspach and Cole – have made a true fan out of me. Elements of the best stuff – a gritty Star Wars type universe, a crew with a bit of a Firefly vibe, and old scores to settle. Plus, profiteering! Blasters! Space battles!”

*     *     *     *     *

Follow the adventures of the Legion from the beginning:

  • deuce says:

    These books are rating some MAJOR customer satisfaction on Amazon. Yet another series I need to read.

    • chipper says:

      You won’t regret it. It has surpassed Star Wars as a better universe to me. Attack of Shadows has a pace I have never experienced in a book before. I love that the viewpoints switch from each side, to the point I’m not sure which side to be rooting for to win. Is the “baddie” the savior for the Republic, or the destroyer. Even the heroes of the previous book, the Legionnaires, may not be the clear cut ones to root for.

  • viktor says:

    1/2-way thru #3. Amazingly good.
    Not just a serial of, you know, episode after episode after episode…. But a universe where the puzzle pieces start to fall in place with each entry. So much so, that I want to re-read #1.

    And it just GOES!! Relentless pace, yet with stops along the way to catch your breath.

    Each one is digestible, standalone, and not a 1000pg door-stopper. The over-arching story is being told from several viewpoints, so I dare say that you could read #2 before #1 and still enjoy both of them.

    Looking forward to #4.

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