JUST RELEASED: Galaxy’s Edge: Kill Team

Sunday , 13, August 2017 8 Comments

The third book in the bestselling Galaxy’s Edge series by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole!

Always make ’em pay.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Kublar—and the destruction of the battleship Chiasm—Legion Dark Ops recruits Chhun, Wraith, and the survivors of Victory Company to form an elite Kill Team of legionnaires. Their secret mission is as clear as it is deadly: find and eliminate those responsible for the Kublar disaster.

Standing between them and their objective are a maze of corrupt Republic officials, a spy on the verge of losing himself in deep cover, and the Zhee—a murderous species who will stop at nothing. But perhaps the biggest threat of all is the truth they seek to uncover.

For it could ignite a revolution—and engulf the galaxy in flames…

…unless the Kill Team is willing to finish the job. At any cost.

*     *     *     *     *

Praise for the bestselling Galaxy’s Edge series:

“You know you have a fantastic story on your hands when you start reading faster than your usual speed because you can’t wait to see what happens next.”

“Tight pacing, edge-of-your-seat action, and a soldier on the “bad side” whose only worried about the men next to him. If this is the quality we can expect from the rest of the Galaxy’s Edge Universe then consider me hooked!”

“A work of military science fiction so detailed you can feel the equipment and choke on the dust.”

“The wonder of the Star Wars universe has been resplendently recaptured for me in the form of this novel. Surprises, adventure, excitement, spectacle, and thrills are all woven together here.”

“To say that I liked this book is an understatement, and even love It is a half-hearted disservice to the authors. These guys- Anspach and Cole – have made a true fan out of me. Elements of the best stuff – a gritty Star Wars type universe, a crew with a bit of a Firefly vibe, and old scores to settle. Plus, profiteering! Blasters! Space battles!”

*     *     *     *     *

Follow the adventures of Victory Company from the beginning with Legionnaire and Galactic Outlaws:


  • Xavier Basora says:

    Nathan, interesting that the stormtroopers are good guys. Very transgressive of them:)

    One of surprising things the prequels did to me was to realize that the republic was rotten and unreformable. So I became sympathetic to the Empire. If Lucas had read the history he’d created an Augustus instead of a Claudiius or Nero

    • Nathan says:

      This series reminds me most of Clone Wars right now, although prior to the civil war. It’s also well earned it’s current spot as the current Kaiju of science fiction.

  • Sam says:

    I really like the series but I am getting a bit of “cliffhanger fatigue” from reading his and The Wyrd series concurrently.
    I’d really like some landmarks in the narrative, I have a limited tolerance for “to be continued”; for lesser writers that tolerance is zero.

    But I am compelled to make exceptions for really fun stuff 🙂

  • Terry says:

    Sounds interesting. Bought. The first one and will see how it goes. I agree with Sam. If it turns out to be a series of cliffhanger endings, my interest will disappear.

  • Hunsdon says:

    I’m holding off on 3 until I can leisurely work my way through 1 again.

    I think they’re better than any canon Star Wars film since Empire.

    • chipper says:

      This is the first book that has me wanting to go back, immediately, and re-read the other books in the series. Peter Clines Ex-Heroes I did prior to the last book coming out, but that was merely due to the gap in time from reading the others. This book has me wanting to do it so I can stay in this Universe longer.

      This is close to being a more interesting Universe than Star Wars. They keep up the great work of Kill Team and it will be.

  • Sam says:

    They’d make absolutely outstanding action movies, no doubt at all.

  • Sam says:

    Well, I read it, and it’s good. One subplot waffles a bit but picks up and pays off.
    Rather than a cliffhanger, we get a solid story, some good reveals, and the action closes in a satisfying manner, THEN we get foreboding of the Next Big Thing.

    That’s cool though, it’s a series.

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