Wargame Wednesday: 16 April Links

Wednesday , 17, April 2019 Leave a comment

Must read interview with fantasy miniature designer and sculpture Byron Harmon.  We discuss spectacle creep and how it afflicts modern fantasy games, transitioning the figure concept from paper to a 3D model and a preview of what he has in store for future releases. If you have a Reddit account ask you to visit my post here and upvote to help spread the word.

This week is the anniversary of the Battle of Seelow Heights.  Zhukov does not come out of this looking good.  Then again, Stalin was the one that prioritized speed over preservation of his soldier’s lives. I found the tactic of trying to use searchlights in the initial assault interesting after reading about the same tactic being used by the Germans at the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge.

The Emu War.  Not an Old School Miniatures fantasy line but something that actually happened.

I don’t know what it is with Canadians and dioramas but check out this one, a seven year project.  By the way, concerning the first link, if you ever go to Victoria, B.C. and don’t visit Miniature World you need to turn in your war gamer card and never return to the hobby again.

Still working on the Gnome history post.  See you next week.  Good night.



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