Wargame Wednesday: American Revolution

Wednesday , 4, July 2018 1 Comment

I figure any Wargame Wednesday post that falls on the 4th of July should be related to the holiday.  The problem is I don’t think I have ever played a military simulation of the Revolutionary War. The closest I got was the old Colonization computer game. There are a few games available such as Trenton 1776, 1776: The Birth Of A Nation, and New York 1776, and the game systems seem unique but the one I have known about for ages; never played but wouldn’t mind trying, is Avalon Hill’s 1776.  There’s a Vassal version plus there was interest enough for gamers to have modded the counters.

Has anyone played 1776 and would you recommend it or are there some good Revolutionary War simulations I have missed?

Happy 4th to our American readers.



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  • Ostar says:

    I owned and played this as a teen. I remember it was fun, giving the sense of the vastness of America with the rebels able to move around unhindered but the British dominating the coast.

    One game I remember the British aggressively chasing Washington’s army until it disintegrated. But in another the rebels attritioned and outmaneuvered the British so that they were stuck in a couple coastal enclaves without a field reserve able to wage war against the more nimble rebels.

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