Wargame Wednesday: Association – Les Riflemen

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Regiments d’elite de la Grande Armee

I am a member of the Miniature Gaming community on Google + and recently a post grabbed my attention.  Titled 1806 Direction Iena the link took me to a blog of French wargamers,  Association – Les Riflemen.  The Iena post was an after action report accompanied by photos of nicely painted figures along with maps portraying the disposition of forces at different points in the battle.  Pretty much anytime I blog about miniature wargaming I mention my love of beautifully painted Napoleonic armies I saw in many collections as a kid. Though the painting styles have changed somewhat over the years, pictures, like the one to the right, brings me back to that time.

The blog is in French but most of the posts and picture descriptions are accompanied by English translations. There may be a few items that are French only but they are not too hard to translate.

The Riflemen are historical gamers, no fantasy armies that I can see but they have an impressive range of armies, from Ancient to WW2.

Anyway, the blog is well worth a look, especially if you are interested in any of the historical periods that they have an army for.

Highlanders Contre l’usurpateur!

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