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Wednesday , 24, May 2017 10 Comments

There’s also a Pacific edition.

Two items somewhere near the top of my bucket list is hiking the Pacific Coast Trail and organizing a multiplayer campaign using a large WW2 simulation such as SPI’s War in Europe.

I mentioned the Pacific Coast Trail for a reason. My vision of an excellent campaign would be to have multiple players on each side. Imagine two (or even three) German players competing for resources while trying to keep the Allies at bay or the counterparts to Patton and Montgomery competing as much against each other as the enemy. Based on my experience with large, multiplayer campaigns with computer games such as Campaign Series I submit that to organize, manage, and complete such a campaign would equal or exceed the planning required to complete a cross country hike.

I wasn’t able to find much online, after all, War in Europe first came out in the mid-70’s but while looking around I found a great blog: The Big Board. Hiking the trail won’t happen this year and I don’t see playing a monster game in my near term future but in the mean time I’ll be consoling myself with exploring this blog. Most posts are not in-depth but this site features a ton of games I didn’t know about (Cataclysm from GMT Games is something I will investigate) and has some short book reviews (one of the better reviews concerning T-34s).

Not a blog but a great reference is SPI Wargaming Resources.  I still have Freedom in the Galaxy (link is to a .pdf) a battered survivor that has survived years of moves.

Omaha Beach

This post on large games turned me on to this company level game covering the Normandy campaign. Talk about a monster.

Another choice for a monster WW2 game is GMT’s World in Flames series. If I can score a lot of overtime in the next few months I may think about the collector’s edition. They made a deal with Matrix and a computer version is available.

Anyway, if I start playing one of these massive games or start hiking the Pacific Coast Trail you’ll be the first to know about it here on Wargame Wednesday, even if I have to go opposite from the big game and write a playing while hiking post featuring Strike Force One.


Update: If you made it this far recommend viewing the comments, especially if you are an Ogre fan. Links to new Ogre scenarios and an interview with Steve Jackson.





  • I know that feeling. Which is why I came up with an Ogre Designer’s Edition scenario that uses all four GEV/Shockwave boards.

  • kev says:

    Thanks for the pingback, thanks take a look around. For more in depth items the videos might be what you want. There is a 2k piece coming on Ardennes 44 and all game discussions now follow or cover a specific set of topics.

    • Scott Cole says:

      Thanks Kev. I definitely need to explore your blog and other online media such as the Google + page. I have only scraped the surface

      • Scott Cole says:

        Like I said I only scraped the surface and when visiting Big Board’s You Tube page found this interview you did with Peter Jackson:


        Not sure if it’s coincidence or good timing as Karl Gallager’s comments above mentioned his involvement with updated Ogre scenarios and your interview features Steve discussing the game.

  • Terry says:

    There is a series of great Napoleonic era big board games called the “La Bataille” series by Clash of Arms and Marshall Enterprises. Battalion/battery level.

  • MC says:

    I played SPIs War in the Pacific when I was in high school. Truly monster game that took several months of marathon sessions. And the Desert Fox, a smaller North African semi Monster. And Terrible Swift Sword. And Operation Typhoon. Good times. I do not have the room or the people willing to play these types of games any more.

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