Wargame Wednesday: Burden of Command

Wednesday , 23, January 2019 1 Comment

Greentree Games’ Burden of Command is a game in development I’ll be keeping my eye on.

Immediately after watching April 9th I came across a preview for this game. I mention the movie as there is a moment when one of the protagonists, a leader, is overwhelmed while trying to process competing emotions of duty, urgency, confusion and fear; especially fear for his troops. Burden of Command advertises that the game system will be “psychology focused” and incorporate stress, experience, trust and respect as components of morale.

There is a tactical war game element and one can see the influence of Squad Leader and Steel Panthers on game play.  Watch the video trailer and notice decision trees as the tactical situation unfolds.  The example shown occurs after a sniper has shot one of your troops and you must decide to let your men take care of the situation while (presumably) saving action points / attention for the overall tactical situation or become involved and use yourself as a decoy. Become a decoy and lose situational awareness of the battle and risk the mission by falling victim to sniper fire or build trust and respect from your men to be used at a later date.  Another example is a company commander deciding whether to order a platoon leader to lead from the front and charge a machine gun post.  The only way to get the men to commit this dangerous act is to risk the leader.  This choice may, or may not, pay off.

Some design notes call this a tactical leadership RPG.  I’m interested.




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  • John E. Boyle says:

    Looks interesting.

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