Wargame Wednesday: Campaign Series Scenario for the Battle of Radzymin

Wednesday , 28, February 2018 Leave a comment

I’ve been playing a lot more Campaign Series since I received news concerning plans for East Front III.  This, combined with Nigel Askey’s ongoing project, is good news for all gamers interested in the Russian Front.

I’m in the middle of an exciting scenario and a few screen shots of the map will serve to show aspects of a terrific game that has stood the test of time.

The scenario is the Battle of Radzymin, a German counter offensive northwest of Warsaw in which Army Group Center was able to scrape up enough resources after successive losses.  The German XXXIX Panzer Corps thrashed three Soviet tank corps from the 2nd Tank army. In this scenario I’m the Russian player and hoping to avoid that fate.

Screen shot of the map in extreme zoom mode is after the jump.  I can’t fit the whole playing field in the picture due to the size of the map.  White text boxes designate where the fighting is  talking place. The brown units in this picture are the Russians in their starting position.  Campaign Series was intended to be a platoon level, tactical game, but enough scenario designers have put together excellent large games in which one can maneuver divisions.




The first action is taking place off the map above in the south west corner and is detailed in the screen shot below.

There is a tough road ahead here.  The scenario designer added more German engineers than were actually present to balance out the game.  Woe to any Russian tank platoon that winds up in the hex next to an engineer platoon. With all the forests on the map and Russian infantry becoming scarce due to heavy attrition, the situation for my opponent is not as bad as this screen shot makes it seem.  If he sends reinforcements here, instead of into the maelstrom of Wolomin, I probably won’t take the VP hexes.



The situation in Wolomin:

And the two different battles around Dobcyzn and the NE corner (road to Jasienica) are below. We are fighting what are essentially four major battles that could serve as smaller, stand alone, tactical scenarios.  The battle around Dobcyzn is a stand off but notice the grey destroyed vehicle hexes. This icon appears when more than six strength points of vehicles have been destroyed in a hex. These destroyed vehicles count against stacking limitations and add to the density factor when the hex becomes a target.  These crowded hexes only serve to make the battle more deadly, for the defenders and for the attackers that then occupy that ground.

My engineers have blown the bridges in the north east of the map below but the Germans have massed enough firepower on their side of the river providing enough cover for their engineers to build pontoon bridges.



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