Wargame Wednesday: Civilization VI Part II Deity Level

Wednesday , 22, May 2019 6 Comments

Link to my prior Civ VI post.  Instead of a Civ hiatus I decided to give Deity level a go.

I’ve experimented with a game set up for domination victory only because the AI quickly gets science, cultural, and religious wins plus I won’t be ready to go on the offensive by the time limit for a points victory comes around.

My first two attempts had neighboring civilizations find my capital and overwhelm me early in the game (warrior and slinger early) .  This time, I decided to play Aztecs as Montezuma because their early game Jaguar units start with bonuses. It turns out the bonuses were never a factor but I survived by building archers to overwhelm a Greek city and keeping good relations with Brazil to the north.  So far, my civilization’s insignificance  is key to my survival. To win at the higher levels keep in mind that most AI civilizations will eventually attack but if the human player can hold them off, their opinion of the human’s civilization improves after the peace treaty.

Three cities, that’s it, the main reason for my survival so far.  I sent a settler east but the Greeks beat them to the site at Pergamon. I sent the settlers on an unescoted and risky to the east coast and fought a long war for control of the middle valley.


A warning that may save new players many hours at the end of the next page…

When I say my civilization was insignificant, I meant it.  I still have crossbowmen and the English have nuked a Brazilian city.

What I’m learning about Deity level play:

  • I have been neglecting culture and concentrating on production and science. Problem is that all AI players soon start running around with corps and armies and it takes culture to gain new policies, to include the policy required for large scale military formations.
  • By the time I was able to conduct research agreements with my allies the only options they are interested in was stealth tech and future tech.  Not really useful for someone with crossbows.
  • Many Industrial Age and later improvements give points towards great people but by the time the Industrial Age rolls around, all the great people have been born. This is not just a Deity level issue but have noticed this at Immortal and lower levels.
  • My spies have been unlucky this game. I believe many civilizations they operate in have set bonuses towards counter espionage.

And I fail.  Everything was going fine.  I survived and my small civilization was not a worry to anyone. A remote civilization eventually decided to attack and my fortifications and crossbowmen were able to see them off. I started expanding and was building a fleet of jet bombers plus developed my civics to the point I was able to form army groups and had a few built. Brazil and Greece were locked in a bloody fight and it was time to make my move.

I was preparing to take my first Greek city but before I built my 3rd bomber I get the warning: “Ten turns to go”.


I thought I had removed points for victory conditions?

My mistake was not setting “no turn limit” which resides in the Limit Turns section under the victory conditions in advanced set up.

Here’s my 2nd attempt at Deity level play after resigning my Aztec game.  The Greeks begin stuck out in the cold: 

Update: The cold must have bred a hardy race of Greeks as they achieved a Deity level win.

  • TruOcker says:

    On Deity lol I have been able to build up to six cities before an AI player gets the science win.

  • James Oakley says:

    Have you also played Civ IV? If so, what’s your opinion vs. Civ VI?

    • Scott says:

      I may do a small comparison post between 5 and 6 and see your comment was actually a comparison between IV and VI. Been a while since I’ve played Civ IV.

      Hard to say if I prefer one over another. My feeling is that it is easier to get Immortal wins with Civ VI. AI has not improved (from either IV, or V).

      No more culture expanding on the map. Also it took a while for me to get used to the new map

  • Ken Dickason says:

    Nice. I just bought Stellaris (love it, 30 hours into it), and am looking into either Europa Universalis IV or Crusader Kings 2 (both are on massive sale this weekend). Thoughts, opinions?

    • Scott Cole says:

      I’ve played Europa way back when, enjoyed it but never tried the other two. Based on my experience with Europa they should be worth checking out (especially on sale).
      Thanks for passing the word.

    • Nathan says:

      EU4 for nation building, CK2 for more character-oriented dynasty building. I’m biased towards EU4 myself, but YMMV.

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