Wargame Wednesday: Civilization VI

Wednesday , 15, May 2019 4 Comments

The time spent playing the Civilization series of games is second only to my favorite Campaign Series.  I have been able to secure consistent wins at the Immortal level but only if I remove the Technology and Points victory conditions.

My style of play is to stay on the defensive until I have developed weapons systems that can quickly subjugate a city. If I’m lucky, crossbowmen can do the job but usually, I have to wait until my forces field long range artillery (safe from the city or fortification defenses with the aid of observation balloons) and once I develop strategic bombers, I’m well on my way to a Domination victory.

A Technology victory over the AI at the Immortal level may be possible but I’m not interested in pursing it. Lot’s of other things to do with my time and I’m not interested in a set up like the ones available on YouTube in which the means to victory is to create a quick death match on a small island against one AI player.

I played my most recent game as Frederick as I wanted to explore the Hansa League feature ( industrial zones get more production under certain conditions) along with Frederick’s extra specialty zone available each city.  Luck plays a role in any Immortal level game and I benefited from the French attacking me early when I had an advantage in archers.  Normal expansion is very slow for a human player on Immortal so I declined Catherine’s attempts to negotiate peace and soon took all her cities.

The defeat of France drove Spain to launch a series of wars in which I stayed on the defensive, holding out to gain a Spanish city in peace negotiations.  I was feeling confident but a few years later, the Spanish launched the third Spanish-German War and surprised me with bombards accompanied by modern infantry!  In comparison my infantry was still equipped with muskets and my most powerful units were crossbowmen. Almost immediately after the Spanish declaration of war, a lack of amenities in my civilization caused those that kept the spirit of French civilization alive through generations under German rule to revolt in Paris. I survived by targeting and eliminating the Spanish bombards before they could break down my fortifications.

A screen shot of the map on the next page.

At the end of the Spanish wars I saw the chance for a Cultural victory.  Both China and America were well ahead but a civilization wide emphasis on museums along with associated civic boots helped me close the gap.  A dedicated archaeological program and a spy corps that specialized in stealing other civilization’s cultural artifacts eventually gave me the win.


FRANCE – Launched the first war of aggression against my civilization. They lost the initial gamble and paid by providing me the heart of my early game empire.

INDIA – was always friendly and never threatened, especially helpful at the beginning of the game.

SPAIN – They gave me the city state of Seoul after the first war and I declined to give them their independence.  Valladolid was a prize after the 2nd war but Aachen almost fell and the game lost in the 3rd.  After surviving the three wars, Spain was a constant ally.

CHINA – Beijing and Nanjing were taken after China became too ambitious and started a war.

AMERICA – Phoenix was settled in unclaimed hexes along the shore. As I started to threaten them culturally, the Americans built up a sizable expeditionary force in Phoenix. Unfortunately for them, by the time they attacked I had a small bomber force and artillery.  I took revenge by launching a generations long campaign of cultural theft. One reason I went for the cultural victory was that America was the greatest threat to win the game, followed by China and I didn’t want to take the time to build a large navy and expeditionary forces.

City States:

Auckland was an early victim after France as they stood in the way of further expansion.

Taking Lisbon and Antananarivo was pure aggression and probably counterproductive. All my other cities had museums and I thought I needed more artifacts and art for the win. Problem is that a cultural victory is won when a civilization attracts more foreign tourists than every other civilization’s domestic tourism industry.  Tourism bonuses are given if civilizations have open borders agreements and if there is a trade route. One way to lose support is naked aggression and I had a couple of friendly civilizations denounce me, automatically cancelling the open borders agreements.



The picture of Frederick at the beginning is the final victory tally. Not a top score but I’ll take an Immortal victory any way I can get it.


  • John E. Boyle says:

    Interesting. I’ve never played Civ VI, having lost interest during Civ V for some reason.

    Maybe I need to take a look at this new Civ.

  • 'setting says:

    I like Civ 5 but have not really gotten into the next one yet. Thanks for the report.

  • Jed says:

    If you really want to learn Civ watch Marbozir on Youtube. I went from winning about half the time on Emperor to winning most of the time on Deity by watching him play Civ 5. He now plays Civ 6 as well though his best campaigns are from Civ 5.

  • Scott Cole says:

    Thanks Jed, I’ll check out Marbozir. John / ‘setting: Most comments on this post and the other Civ VI post mention Civ V so I’ll probably draft one comparing the two versions.

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