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Wednesday , 28, November 2018 5 Comments

Baron Roman Von Ungern-Sternberg starts to revive the Mongolian Empire

I don’t play Hearts of Iron but once a friend starts talking about the Kaiserreich mod the only option is to just grab a beer, settle in and listen.

In the Kaiserreich universe the Central Powers won the Weltkrieg (First World War) and in Great Britain the stresses of losing the Weltkrieg made Orwell’s prediction of red militias billeted in the Ritz* come true and subsequent rise rise of syndicalist governments in England, France and Italy. With capitalism on the ropes, the United States, despite initially benefiting from avoiding the war, is under tremendous social and economic pressure and a second civil war may be in the works. The Whites win the Russian Civil War, Austria Hungary chooses to decentralize and Germany heads a powerful Mitteleuropa alliance.

I noticed that my friend’s descriptions always included topics near and dear to my heart:

An obsessive focus on minor nations and allies?      Check; see the wiki for the “Minor Monday” reports.

A love of history, especially obscure personalities and events that pervades the entire game?      Check; read about Costa Rican politician Jose Figueres Ferrerand,

Attention to detail in creating plausible game events and historical personalities’ decision trees?      Check; review the different progress reports on regions and nations.

The most fascinating character incorporated into the game has to be Baron Roman Von Ungern-Sternberg. He is “What If?” history personified.  The Infogalactic article introduces the Baron as:

“..an anti-Bolshevik lieutenant general in the Russian Civil War and then an independent warlord whose Asiatic Cavalry Division wrested control of Mongolia from the occupation of Mongolia by the Republic of China in 1921. Ungern-Sternberg’s attraction to Vajrayana Buddhism and his eccentric, often violent treatment of enemies as well as his own troops earned him the sobriquet “the Mad Baron” during the Russian Civil War”.

The Baron has a good chance of bringing his dream of the revival of the Mongol Empire to life in Kaiserreich. Not sure how well that would play out if he is also successful in restoring the Romanov dynasty but one must dream big.

If you are an experienced modder and willing to help with testing, art, music or coding. this FAQ page will let you know how to sign up. They have ambitious goals as the answer to one of the FAQ questions on why some countries do not have events is: “We haven’t gotten around to coding it yet, but fear not, we will do every country, even you poor Tannu Tuva!  Word is that one of the most popular minor nations to play right now is Argentina due to the significant depth and detail included in a recent update.

* According to the wiki Orwell comes into play if the Union of Britain elects the authoritarian Oswald Mosley!

In fairness to the game universe Germany remains an empire; fascism does not take root in Italy and Mosley is the head of the Independent Labour Party and pursues “totalist” policies. Certainly plausible for someone attracted to fascism.

Screen shot below shows Mosely’s government with Eric Blair as Minister of Interior.  That bit is too ironic for me.

Click on the image and you’ll be redirected to a blog I set up to accompany this and future Wargame Wednesday posts as I am working on an image heavy series of posts for the new year.  I have included a couple other screen shots (an Argentine event and the Austro-Hungarians in control of Morocco).

  • Blume says:

    The EU/Hearts of Iron moding community is only rivaled by the civilization molding community in terms of historic autism.

    Wargamers should love hearts of iron. The crazy depths of that games management system should fit right in with advanced squad leader players.

  • Nathan says:

    I’ve been waiting for KR to flesh out for a while now. I should try it again soon.

  • Skyler_the_Weird says:

    I wonder if they are including the obscure South American Chaco War fought between Bolivia and Paraguay? It was the Bloodiest non insurgency or Civil War in Latin America in the past 100 years and included minor amounts of planes and tanks.

    • Scott Cole says:

      I’ll try to get a specific answer on scenario development or sub-mods but I say the answer is yes & no.
      Yes, because a player can choose Bolivia or Paraguay and choose to go to war and no as the two nations will be in the Kaiserreich universe and the war simulation may not be true to the historical picture.
      Good question and I’ll look into a better answer.

    • Scott Cole says:

      My first answer stands. Probably can be done but if you play straight Hearts of Iron it is a little late for that war and the minor nations of Bolivia and Paraguay are fully developed. Play the mod and you are in the Kaiserreich universe. Bolivia can still invade but depends how much the current mod has fleshed out those two countries.
      Command Magazine has a Chaco game: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/10262/chaco-war

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