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Wednesday , 10, April 2019 2 Comments

This post is a deep dive into Gnome themed wargame products and I was surprised how much is currently available.

The biggest surprise came while conducting non-gnome related research in the S&T Magazine Library . I found an article previewing S&T Magazine #42 (Gnome – Orc War) but the magazine that went to print had nothing to with gnomes.  When I inquired, the preview article was removed and I never received a response.  You have to hand it to Jim Dunnigan, for some reason The Orcs Are Dead edition was cancelled but he quickly pivoted to produce a well received game on a totally different subject.  S&T even used the gnome cover art as the design for the new magazine cover while the original Gnome and Orc War concept has been long forgotten…….

Gnome Miniatures

Last week’s post featured Splintered Light Miniatures Gnome Army set and the Gnome Wars, miniatures rule set and figures.  Initially, my online searches returned an abundance of garden gnomes but I managed to dig up quite a few offerings.  By the way, I’m not a garden gnome fan but some of these will be interesting to CH blog readers.

Old School Miniatures alpine gnomes taking a well deserved break.

This week I found the Alpine Gnomes series from Old School Miniatures.  It’s worth clicking on the Old School link just to check out the alpine dwarves, featuring dwarf ski troops (I kid you not), some equipped with muskets along with their St. Bernard mascot.  Old School gnomes have less of a traditional garden gnome influence as Splintered Light’s offering and the alpine concept is readily apparent in their dress.  The gnome miniatures are 15mm, so best used with 28mm figures from taller races.

Here is a link to their “studio” gnome army.  I’m close to ordering a few units, especially the fox riders and will do so after painting my current set. Expect to see more posts about Old School in the future, especially if they keep producing conceptually brilliant figure ranges.

This post on the First Edition of Warhammer is interesting. Gnomes were represented, albeit just one page in the rule book and a few units (scroll down after clicking the link).  The 1st Edition Warhammer gnomes HATE goblins and “are not natural horsemen”.  Makes sense to me.  According to this message board, gnomes were part of the Warhammer universe at least up to the 3rd Edition.

Individual gnome figures here and a range of what I’ll say are manga influenced gnomes are available here while Reaper Miniatures has a sizable range.

Board games on the next page.

Gnome Board Games

Entering “gnome” in the search box at Boardgamegeek reveals an extensive list of games, some long forgotten such as the Parker Brothers Gnomes game which was released after a popular book on gnomes from that time.  Not surprisingly, the list does not include many hard core gnome war games beyond the Gnome Wars already mentioned but Gnome Tribes looks interesting  Gnomeland is probably a good family game and there are many card games featured such as The Gnomes of Zvandor.


Gnomes Online and Computer

Goblins vs Gnomes is an online, card based expansion game of Heathstone: Heroes of Warcraft.  Haven’t played but is a game with a free play version though buying card packs and other extras definitely help the player get ahead….

Finally, Gnomoria looks like a Minecraft type game, available on Steam.


Next week I’ll dive into vάνοςthropology (pronounced nánosthropology; the scientific study of gnomes, gnome behavior and societies both past and present), allowing me more time to research the battle mentioned last week between gnomes and orc invaders.

For Bulge fans an update of the scenario with a couple of screen shots.






  • Skyler_the_Weird says:

    I remember Gnomes being the Villains in the LOTR ripoff the Sword of Shannara. The Hildebrandt Brothers depiction was way off what most people think of as Gnomish and the MTV Gnomes were just freakish.

    Then there’s Larry Correia’s hip hop Gnomes in Mons

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