Wargame Wednesday: Eastern Front of WW2 Animated and WW July Updates

Wednesday , 3, July 2019 8 Comments

This video is an excellent summary of the fighting in Europe at the end of WW2.  I love the graphics which show the movements of corps and armies and the map’s color even changes in winter.

I knew a lot of bad strategic defensive decisions were made by the Germans (all Hitler’s fault?) towards the end of the war but the video brings home the extent of surrounded Axis armies that could have been used in shortened defensive lines. Not quite as bad as early Operation Barbarossa for the Russians, but bad enough. Looking at the map from a gamer’s perspective one wants to start issuing orders and pulling back exposed formations before they get cut off.

What I find amazing is the effort required to track the movements of the different corps.  In the 1941 video, towards the end of Barbarossa, the video follows Russian divisions!  Even if the unit locations are only roughly estimated it is still a job well done.

  • Ztold says:

    Thanks for the link to Eastory.

    I like the different Ardennes themed posts but hard to follow the links around.

  • deuce says:

    Cool post. Thanks!

  • BronCos says:

    Do you know of books for 62nd VGD?

    • Scott Cole says:

      No. Most comprehensive item is the FMS manuscript mentioned in this post.

      This post has a link to the best book I can find on the Volks-grenadiers. It highlights the 272nd VGD but it is a good reference to all aspect of VG units such as the reasons to create these new organizations, what the desired composition of these units would be but also the actual composition, etc.

  • Earl says:

    Posting about Germans close to 4 July?

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