Wargame Wednesday: Miniature Lego Armies?

Wednesday , 28, June 2017 2 Comments

My intent was not to post about Lego but I was researching a possible post on Tolkien’s The Hobbit themed games.  I remember The Battle of Five Armies set by Games Workshop (not really a GW fan but wish I picked one up) and was searching for anything good, maybe a group running a RPG incorporating Bilbo and the Dwarves’ journey from the Shire to the Lonely Mountain or the counterpart to SPI’s War of the Ring, a hybrid strategic and narrative/character (i.e. the Fellowship’s journey and pursuit) based game.

As it turns out there are quite a variety of game releases but my search was sidetracked when I encountered the picture to the right. At first glance I thought it was the Lonely Mountain but the wall and tower didn’t seem right and it turns out it was a photo of a Helm’s Deep scenario. The accompanying blog post had nothing to do with the Hobbit, but a gamer’s change in taste from fantasy armies to Lego gaming. I didn’t know this was a thing but visit Tom Murrath’s blog and Google + page and you’ll soon know something about it.

The photo on the left, a Samurai army deploying as the sakura-zensen (cherry blossom front) arrives almost makes me want to pick up this aspect of the hobby. I only came across this blog today so didn’t have time to search for what the players use for rule sets but, in the meantime, I’ll enjoy the pictures of the armies and some nice lego dioramas which can also be found here.

Besides Lego posts Murrath’s Societa di archeologia e cimeli is a standard gamer’s blog, full of a variety of all the good things that interest the author and is worth some of your browsing time.



After the jump there’s a picture of a lego version of the Helm’s Deep battle and it is impressive.

  • John E. Boyle says:

    That last picture IS impressive.

  • Kenny Cross says:

    Impressive. Most impressive.

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