Wargame Wednesday: Project 1944’s Volks-Grenadier

Wednesday , 17, April 2019 Leave a comment

A few months back I posted about Project 1944, a group of Belgian historical researchers and reenactors who focus on the great wars of the 20th Century.  My Bulge series of posts has highlighted the Volks-grenadiers and I was glad to see the recent “Kochen im Feld” or “Cooking in the Field” post which presents a 1944 Volks-grenadier preparing field rations on the front line.

Make sure you view all three pages, the page links are at the very bottom.

Note how the featured Volks-grenadier is a Slovac conscript from the Südsteiermark (southern Austria near the Slovenian border).  Remember that the 62nd VG Division has a high contingent of Czech and Polish conscripts (see Filling the Ranks section of this post).

Another thing to look for is the attention paid to historical detail. The soldier uses an Italian canteen that were repainted and issued to the German troops. Also, the extra field rations for front line troops. I read an account of a semi disabled soldier serving in a perfectly safe billet back in Germany who volunteered for front line service so he could get enough to eat.  Priority was given to nutrition on the front line.  For American troops, food got better the further to the rear the soldier drew his rations but for the Germans, the food got better the closer to the front they went and Americans didn’t mind taking German field kitchens for the hearty and filling food.


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