Wargame Wednesday: The Deadliest Deadliest Blogger – Military History Page

Wednesday , 25, October 2017 Leave a comment

The Deadliest Blogger’s Military History Page will be of interest to wargamers and those that enjoy military history.

Barry Jacobsen’s posts are done in what I would call an “Osprey Publishing Style”.  Historical background, nice illustrations and most importantly for gamers, maps of the campaigns and battlefields.  Check out his two part series of the Norman invasion of England.  What really sold me was this post on the Heroes of Troy and Jacobsen’s excellent use of illustrations.

Well worth the time and I’m sure there’s a subject in there for everyone. I could go on about individual posts, to include Nagashino, 1575, a humorous post describing the outcome of a bar fight if all the WW2 countries were individuals drinking at that bar with sawdust on the floor, and lots more but better to just go over there and start reading.

Hat tip to Kevin, always on the front lines at The Big Board for his FB post that lead me to this wonderful blog.


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