Wargame Wednesday: The Library of Gaming Maps

Wednesday , 21, June 2017 2 Comments

Dungeon design in Amsterdam. Not my picture or map but this guy has the right idea.

On Google + I discovered The Library of Gaming Maps community and recommend you check it out.  Currently, there almost 4k members with an active contributor base of artists who “……post and share maps they’re making, for the entertainment or aid of other gamers who may not have the chops or time to make their own!”.

Browse the posts and even if you are not a gamer you’re bound to find something of interest, especially if you are a SciFi or Fantasy fan. One can filter posts by topic which includes Fantasy (predominant), SciFi, Historical, Icons and Tokens and an eclectic Modern topic section, which contains a real grab bag of interesting posts.

Many members also link to interesting sites such as this one so there is enough here to stimulate the imagination of a game designer or game master.


Despite me this being a WW post, regular boardgames or old school hexagon maps are few and far between.  Most contributors seem to be RPG players though I did find a nice WW3 themed map:








I like this guy’s art and dungeon designs:









And one from the SciFi section, a Star Wars “Knights of the Old Republic” map:


  • john silence says:

    Not sure how connected this is, given that I was never a tabletop gamer, but that first image brings to mind drawing dungeon maps in older first person cRPGs. Latter ones had automaps, so that custom went extinct.

  • Scott Cole says:

    Most of the Library’s submitted content are RPG aides and very few tabletop submissions. Couldn’t find any hexagons but, despite that, it’s a cool site for gamers.

    Couldn’t resist the first picture as I used to design my own dungeons and if I get back to Amsterdam think I’ll recreate the photo. Cruise by a coffee house (if you’re partial to that) to get your mind right for dungeon / fantasy world design. Top that off with a feed at a rijsttafel then settle in with a taste course of beers and start drawing. How good is that?

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