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Wednesday , 31, October 2018 1 Comment

Small section from one of the accompanying maps

This will be a short post as I found a blog I believe most war gamers and military history buffs will value.  I’ve been working on a post covering George Nafziger and his prodigious output of historical military non-fiction and order of battles (OOBs).  While conducting a Duckduckgo search I found a link to Obscure Battles with an outstanding series of articles on battles from Crecy to  Omdurman.

Because my last post covered wargaming 19th Century Africa I’ll use the post on the battle of Gqokli (an obscure battle if there ever was one), as an intro into what Obscure Battles offers the reader.  Gqokli was one of the first battles in the rise of the Zulu nation with Shaka commanding approximately 5,000 troops (including auxiliary allies) against the Ndwandwes under Nomahlanjana, with approximately 12,000 warriors.  The article begins with weather conditions, and astronomical data, useful for anyone wanting to design a game and wondering how long the day would last and visibility at night.

There is a section on Zulu weapons and another on song and dance as a weapon (if that sounds silly watch the 1964 movie Zulu). This is followed by a short discussion on Shaka’s military genius, then a nicely flowing narrative of the battle, aided with beautiful maps and pictures of the modern day battlefield and ends with a lengthy section titled: War Game Considerations. Basically, everything I want to read in a war game and military history article.  I highly recommend this blog and hope Jeff Berry can keep adding battles to the list. These articles are the gold standard.





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    That’s a great website! Thanks for the link.

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