Wargame Wednesday: The Wargaming Company

Wednesday , 27, June 2018 Leave a comment

For those interested in Napoleonics miniatures I came across The Wargaming Company.  Product development began in 2009 though first release of their products wasn’t until 2015. For anyone new to the hobby and is daunted by the historical research required to acquire, then paint an army, this company’s products are a good way to start. They offer boxed sets, to include starter sets and core sets which contain figures required for a full French, Austrian or Russian corps.

The extensive painting guides (literally hundreds) and scenarios that come with their campaign guides are the reason for this post. Click on this link for the Iberian Campaign module and follow the links to the uniform guides and the scenarios.

An example of the uniform guide is to the right. Osprey Books, it is not, but the format suits a painter’s needs and allows for the much greater scope of coverage (to include musician’s uniforms). The only draw back is the figures are 10mm whereas 15mm, 25mm and in recent years 6mm figures were the standards. Despite the fact that all of my Napoleonics are 15mm I’m really tempted to get either the Spanish or Russian campaign module.  There shouldn’t be an issue using 15mm figures with this rule set. I’m really fighting this temptation as I’m still working on learning the rules for some board games.




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