Attack Vector: Tactical collection

Attack Vector: Tactical is the Origins Award winning game of hard science space combat.

Take command of a fusion-propelled spaceship, using the most scientifically accurate model of Space Combat ever put into a game, all with clever play aids and mechanics that hide the math so you can focus on maneuver, timing and resource management! Fuel fractions with the calculus pre-done for you, declining mass fractions, an easy to manage thermodynamic system, and fully realized and articulated movement in 3D!

Kinetic weapons that have damage scale at the square of the impact velocity, laser weapons that have damage fall off according to the laws of optics, and dozens of scientific notes explaining how the science was calculated to make the rules work, all tied into a comprehensive future history with political intrigue, honor and courage.

This game collection contains the Attack Vector: Tactical 2nd edition books. The download is a 32.8MB zipfile containing the following files in DRM-free PDF format:

  • AV:T 2nd Edition Rulebook
  • AV:T Ship Book 1
  • AV:T Ship System Displays
  • AV:T Ten Worlds Setting Book


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