How to Deal with Narcissists

How to Deal with Narcissists: Why they Became Evil, How They Think, And Strategies and Techniques to Take Controls is a comprehensive guide to dealing with the narcissistic personality. It offers valuable insight into how narcissists are formed, what effects these developmental experiences have on the narcissist’s brain, and how this information can be put to practical use in dealing with narcissists.

It begins with a fascinating case study of one narcissist and the childhood experiences which conditioned his brain to exhibit the narcissistic personality. It examines how these events altered the functioning of a specific brain structure designed to process and manage stress responses, and how the altered functioning produced by these events went on to alter his behavior into adulthood. It also examines how these precipitating events inculcated a hostile worldview common to the narcissist.

The book examines how this altered brain function produces the forces which are behind every aberrant narcissist behavior, from the creation of a false reality to the phenomenon of narcissistic rage. It examines how a knowledge of this motive force can be used to precipitate specific reactions in the narcissist and how they can be used to manage and mitigate social interactions with the narcissist.

How to Deal with Narcissists considers specific scenarios in dealing with narcissists, and the dangers and risks inherent to operating within their sphere. From coping with narcissist in-laws, to raising narcissist children, to the risks that have claimed the lives of past narcissist victims, this book touches upon it all. It was created as a one-stop volume for the narcissist’s victims who wish to enjoy freedom from the baleful influence of the narcissist.

Based on extensive real world experience, the latest scientific information, and rigorous examinations of previous academic work in the field, How to Deal With Narcissists is the one guide one cannot be without when confronted with this problematic human psychology.

EPUB and Kindle format. 259 pages. No DRM.