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As Castalia House continues to grow we need another graphic design professional to help with cover typography and pre-press needs. Ideally the candidate will have a strong background in graphic design with a love of composition, type, and an understanding of the pre-press process including ICC color profiles, color conversion from RGB to CMYK for […]

There are lots of ways to slice and dice the history of RPGs, and people like Sandy Antunes have written some incredible histories of the founding of the era.  Me, I’m a game designer.  I write rules.  Writing rules for games is one of the weirdest kinds of writing to contemplate, because it’s a combination […]

I’m in the process of taking a more comprehensive look at the past 60 years of science fiction or so (ending at 2010 for now, to avoid the potential noise of the recent ebook explosion, independent press, and general diversification of the market), but an intriguing development has emerged. Some have argued that one of […]

I admit, I have a very difficult time being objective about this game. It was the first hobby game I ever bought way back when I was in the fourth grade and I just haven’t gotten over it even to this day. It quickly became a monster hit and I wasn’t the only one that played it […]

When I received my copy of Swords & Dark Magic, I had to laugh at the cover. It struck me as so clichéd with the dainty swordswoman in armor sort of like the Roman lorica segmentata hoisting a very large medieval sword. One can’t have a fantasy painting these days without a female warrior (warrioress?) […]

Castalia House is a publisher of books, but we are also a developer of games. So that is why we are pleased to be able to announce that the Castalia House bookstore will also be carrying digital versions of various games we consider to be of high quality and potential interest to our readers in […]

John C. Wright’s latest offering The Book of Feasts & Seasons is precisely that—an offering, not of blood but of ink, a tinsel-wrapped gift presented to both his God and his readers. A couple of stories in the collection are about as heartfelt and beautiful as anything I’ve read, since, well, Awake in the Night Land. Wright […]

I’m Ken Burnside. I design and publish games, I help SF writers get the science right on science fiction (when doing so isn’t contradictory to good storytelling), and I edit fiction and game materials on a freelance basis when time permits. I’m best known in some circles for a game called Attack Vector: Tactical, which […]

I have always wanted to take a look at an exemplar of the bestselling science fiction novel from each year since 1950, and take each one’s current temperature to see if there are any measurable quality trends. It is hard to do. Aside from the historic New York Times general fiction lists, it is remarkably […]

Before I review this work, I have to be up front about the fact that I am not the target audience of this sort of product. I am perfectly happy playing vintage role-playing games like Classic Traveller, Moldvay Basic D&D, and Car Wars. I am simply not looking for a replacement for those games and […]

Sometimes your opinions get challenged. This happened recently when I received the new first issue of Worlds of the Unknown from the revived Spectre Press. This small press magazine contains the second “Elak of Atlantis” story written by Adrian Cole. Henry Kuttner wrote the original four Elak stories for Weird Tales that were published from […]

John C. Wright is the visionary author that Publisher’s Weekly called “this fledgling century’s most important new SF talent”. If you’ve had the pleasure of reading his blog, you’ll also know he is a Catholic philosopher, a Catwoman fanatic, and a senior supervillain in the United Underworld Evil League of Evil. His memory banks inform me that he […]