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The time for the extermination of the casteless untouchables has come. Only Ashok Vadal and his battle-tested Sons of the Black Sword fight for the fleeing nameless, in the name of an unknown god that Ashok cannot bring himself to believe in. But Ashok knows his duty, even if that forces him to cross blades […]

Death’s apprentice on an alien world, interstellar Ghurkas, and the robot apocalypse fill this week’s new releases. Acheron Inheritance (Federation Chronicles #1) – Ken Lozito On a dying world along the galactic fringe, Quinton Aldren awakens in the body of an archaic android that’s barely operational. He has only vague memories of who he was […]

THE OLD GODS ARE COMING BACK! When a black op goes awry, the Nemesis Project pulls deniable operator Luke Landon off the line. But while mortal authorities want him to stand down, the gods aren’t done with him yet. Pressed into a secret war between infernal and divine powers, Landon is thrust into a new […]

Menuvia. A sparkling gem made rough stone, the seat of political power in the Kingdom of Vale. Revolt foments among the patrician class and open gang war looms on the horizon. As the Argentine Tower plots revolution, a lone thief with a past as dark as Menuvia itself picks the wrong lock and opens the […]

This article was originally posted on 1 December, 2018 as “A Peep at The Spicy Pulps”. Next week, we’ll return to normal with a quartet of reviewed new releases, including the newest offerings in Fenton Wood’s Yankee Republic series and Larry Correia’s Saga of the Forgotten Warrior. Last week, we examined how Martin Goodman, future publisher […]

Necromancy, tomb-raiding, first contact disasters, and kaiju fill this week’s new releases. Blood Craft (Black Magic Outlaw #7) – Domino Finn For some investigations, you get nowhere relying on police. When the supernatural rears its head in Miami, the sleuthing’s usually up to me, Cisco Suarez, resident necromancer and all-around hard case. All I ask […]

In October 2018, upon the publishing of Uncompromising Honor and the conclusion to the Honor Harrington part of Manticore’s history, we looked at a trio of series set to scratch that Hornblower in Space itch sure to develop in readers looking for their next Honor-like story. We return with the original suggestions, plus a pair […]

Dragon riders, mecha mercenaries, and Larry Correia’s Black Heart appear in this week’s new releases. Ascendant (Songs of Chaos #1) – Michael R. Miller Holt Cook was never meant to be a dragon rider. He has always served the Order Hall of the Crag dutifully, keeping their kitchen pots clean. But then he discovers a […]

Of all the terrifying warlords to wreak destruction across the empire, few can match the savagery of Ghorghor Bey. His name alone can cause even the bravest of soldiers to tremble in their boots, and noble lords and ladies throughout the land pray that he never comes knocking at their castle doors in search of […]

Time-lost super-soldiers, living detective saints, swordless swordsmen, and His Majesty’s Naval Service takes to the stars in this week’s new releases. Coven (Saint Tommy, NYPD #7) – Declan Finn Detective Thomas Nolan has finally returned home. In typical police fashion, he is welcomed home with a murder case and gunfire. After one arrest goes spectacularly […]

Ray Bradbury: A Hundred Year Picnic by Lodestone Let us raise our mead-horns (brimful with Dandelion Wine for the occasion) in a toast to Ray Bradbury’s centenary. Of my literary trinity (Howard, Tolkien, Bradbury) I discovered Bradbury first. Robert E. Howard was like a buddy you could drink a beer with and listen to an […]

“Then let us pursue without asking what we chase, and when we catch it, let us chase again.” Mangos is the Mongoose, a skilled, boastful, and hotheaded swordsman, while Kat is the Meerkat, a beautiful yet mysterious woman who favors the oblique approach to her well-chosen blade. Together, they’ll take on any job to keep […]