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God might not play dice with the universe, but the devils do. In The Black Moon Chronicles: The Sign of Darkness, written by François Marcela-Froideval and drawn by Olivier Ledroit, Lucifer grows tired of his generals throwing matches in their little games. So he engineers a game in the mortal world where none of the […]

Post-apocalyptic hell divers, fungoid dungeon lords, and summer break robot bottles stride through this week’s new releases. Boy Battles Bot (Space Invaders #1) – A. K. Meek Something strange is happening in Apple Valley…and it all begins one night when ten-year-old Jimmy sees a mysterious object crash to Earth. Investigating, he finds an alien bearing […]

“You wanna be a major-leaguer? Then put on a swimsuit and punch a dinosaur!” All Carly Vanders every wanted to do was to make cute clothes and get a little recognition for it. When she was young, her teacher tried to push her into athletics and breaking glass ceilings instead. Now that she’s grown up, […]

Viking game worlds, Celtic fairy space opera, and genetic cyberpunk flavoe this week’s new releases. Colony (Battle Ring Earth #2) – John Frater Hiding deep in the Sleer battle ring, Simon Brooks and Sara Rosenski are learning the ways of the Sleer and to trust each other. Each day brings a new discovery and more […]

Queer things happen to the Foreign Legion in Africa; but the maddest affair of them all was that naval battle in the Red Sea. In the cafes of Algiers, an old legionnaire with a cinnamon-colored beard holds court, telling all who pass by his classic old soldiers’ tales. Today, however, old Thibaut Corday’s humor is […]

This week’s new releases open doors to other worlds for U. S. Army Rangers, Israeli tankers, Gilded Age artists, and dungeon building gamers. China Mike (Abner Fortis, ISMC #2) – P. A. Piatt Fresh from fighting bugs and clones on Pada-Pada, Second Lieutenant Abner Fortis and Third Platoon look forward to some well-deserved liberty on […]

Fresh off the success of The Cosmic Courtship (reviewed here), the Cirsova Classics line continues with a new Kickstarter campaign that completes Julian Hawthorne’s pulp run. Readers can chose from three new volumes, two of which deal with Martha Klemm, Hawthorne’s pulp heroine with a connection to Salem witches, with the third collecting a set […]

Wars for freedom, space, and magic fill this week’s new releases. Embark – Jon Justice Kaytha has found something, and humanity won’t survive with it. In the future, global corporations DeCorp and EnerCon have made interstellar travel possible and space flight available to all humanity. But, when an industrial accident inside DeCorp sets off an […]

Reynard “The Fox” Douglas is an outlaw racecar driver who despises the government that jailed him, drafted him, and seized his money.  He’s also the only man with the skills to pilot an experimental race car into a strange Zone that is growing in New Mexico, a place where nothing gets out alive. Charged to […]

Alien invasions, fog monsters, and rebel moons fill this week’s new releases. Arrival (The Kyron Invasion #1) – Jasper T. Scott Chris Randall just lost his job as a bodyguard. That night, after picking up his wife, Bree, from her shift at a local casino, he breaks the bad news. Moments later, thunder cracks the […]

Atop the pole of Mars, Northwest Smith runs into an old flame, a Lady in Red named Judai. Meanwhile, the Martians worship a god whose name is never spoken out of secret. How these two facts are related is yet to be seen, but the path to understanding begins with a simple request to retrieve […]

Vikings, dungeon lords, and starship troopers clash in this week’s new releases. Battle Lines (Tranquility #2) – Josh Hayes and Devon C. Ford The Hive is gone, but the Queen’s effect on the world lingers. As the people of Tranquility rebuild, those touched by the alien creature struggle to come to grips with what was […]