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I recently enjoyed listening to a talk by Scott Berkun, where he talked about how the use and revitalization of historically proven concepts are the building blocks of “new” ideas, and that got me thinking about Wargames and their generally poor reflection of tactics while on the tabletop. In so many historical scenes that are […]

In a previous post, I mentioned why it’s so difficult to make good science fiction movies and why they’re rarer than studios not currently embroiled in a sex scandal.  However, there is a more effective approach which can significantly boost one’s chances of making a worthwhile and successful film in this genre.  Unsurprisingly, this is the […]

Vandals of the Void by Robert Wilson appeared in the Spring 1945 issue Planet Stories. It can be read here at Vandals of the Void is an apocalyptic invasion tale with a lot going for it. Despite some over-reliance on expository dialogue, Wilson gives us something that would be perfect fodder for an invasion […]

The fear and awe are immortal, written onto our souls with scarlet ink, of some Great Thing coming for us or what we guard, too big to handle and too strong to fight as it shakes the ground with its coming, and the only hope is that it passes by. Welcome to playing Steve Jackson’s […]

This collection of the latest new releases in science fiction features a space-based litRPG, future knights clad in mecha armor, a final confrontation against a conquering empire on an alien world, and, in time for Veteran’s Day, a collection of post-apocalyptic animal stories to support the charity Pets for Vets. *     *     * […]

Death Star by Tom Pace appeared in the Spring 1945 issue of Planet Stories. It can be found here at In promotional text for Galaxy Magazine, Galaxy bragged you’ll never see “a western transplanted to some alien and impossible planet” in its pages, while attacking straw-Bat Durston’s adventures on the planet Bbllzznaj. Of all […]

Spring is coming. Surveying the blasted wasteland of western culture, frozen and atrophied thanks to the long dark winter of post-modern deconstructionist thought embraced by the intellectual mediocrities that connived their way into positions of influence one might be tempted to give in to despair. The long years since the golden days of our cultural […]

So as I spent a couple of weeks looking at “Justified”, I find myself going back to the Death Note well recently. Partially it’s because I’m impressed at how incredibly well executed and intelligent it is, and partially it’s how even its failures – and it isn’t perfect – are quite instructive. Plus, there are […]

Invariably in any artistic field, there is some awesomely bad art or music that has you scratching your head and thinking “What the …?” The last entry in the Forgotten Sword and Sorcery Artists series is Patrick Woodroffe (1940-2014). There is a website for him with this biographical information: “Born in Halifax, Yorkshire, U.K. 1940. […]

Double Trouble by Carl Jacobi appeared in the Spring 1945 Issue of Planet Stories. It can be read here at “When Annabella C. Flowers, that renowned writer of science fiction, visiphoned me at Crater City, Mars, to meet her here[on Callisto], I had thought she was crazy. But Miss Flowers, known to her friends […]

[Thunder Jim Wade] called himself a trouble-shooter. But he had a habit of seeking trouble, and smashing it with a cold, ruthless fury that had given him both name and reputation. His past was shrouded in mystery. Years before he had flashed on the scene like a comet—a comet whose mission was to destroy such […]

A peregrine sailor returns to his home port of Venice in search of a famed emerald. On an Earth permanently hidden from ours by the sun, a young agent travels to the fabled city of Samaris in search for his missing colleagues. A Swedish mercenary must smuggle a holy relic out of Constantinople before the Fourth […]