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Cirsova Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring Suspense #12 – edited by P. Alexander Daredevil Dylal O’Lal desires the impossible: to put his footprint on the surface of the sun! Though most insist it cannot be done, the existence of a young woman who proves to be wholly impervious to flames suggests his ultimate feat […]

Celziz plans to denounce Teriz, a royal guard of Alness, as a traitor who shirked his duty as the city fell! Jalani hopes that Mangos can stop him before it gets him killed! Mangos is the Mongoose, a skilled, boastful, and hotheaded swordsman, while Kat is the Meerkat, a beautiful yet mysterious woman who favors […]

A friendly reminder to everyone that, unlike many bloggers who mysteriously stop blogging, I have NOT disappeared. You can find my work periodically on the Pinkerton’s Ghosts youtube channel. But enough of that now. Today we’re here to discuss something else. I found a new book! Normally not news, except that I REALLY, really loved […]

Some complain about the culture. Others do something about it. Support non-woke authors and get yourself some great books from both established and emerging talent for only $0.99 – many titles free! It’s a sale too big for just one blog post, three sales in one! It’s that time of year again, where author Hans […]

Arminius, Bane of Eagles (War on Rome #1) – Adrian Cole Swords clash with ancient sorcery in this first volume of ADRIAN COLE’S epic alternative world trilogy. Set in an alternative Romano-Celtic Europe, ARMINIUS, BANE OF EAGLES opens with the murder of young Claudius, 14 year old brother of Germanicus, during the last years of the reign […]

Dark Web (St. Tommy N.Y.P.D. Book 11) – Declan Finn Anything can be ordered from the Dark Web. Including people. When  an Internet celebrity is kidnapped, Tommy Nolan must team up with a ghost from his past in order to battle the horrors lurking in the Dark Web, including a drug dealer peddling supernatural powders, […]

To upset the stable, mighty stream of time would probably take an enormous concentration of energy. And it’s not to be expected that a man would get a second chance at life. But an atomic might accomplish both— Allan Hartley, a dying soldier on a nuclear battlefield closes his eyes, and his life appears to […]

Dragon Mind (Blood of the Ancients #5) – Dan Michaelson and D. K. Holmberg A discovery of the source of Rob’s essence leads him home. Now that Rob has progressed to dragon heart, he’s called upon to help the artic cats find their leader. The journey leads him deeper into a dangerous land, where he must […]

“Behold…the engines of death ride the sky. Every day they grow more numerous. Unless our nation bands together and ceases this endless wandering…we will disappear forever from the planet Elekton.” – Trigo the Mighty In the 1930s, an alien spacecraft crashed into the Florida swamps, the crew frozen at their posts. After many years of […]

Deathless Dungeoneers – J. D. Astra An underrated dungeon. A determined dungeoneer. One chance for a new start. Since the moment Rhen delved his first dungeon, he’s wanted nothing more than to own one himself. When a tiny plot pops up in the Dungeon Owner’s Guild, Rhen decides to take a leap of faith and […]

Lord of Beasts (Saga of the Swordbreaker #2) – Kit Sun Cheah When beasts swarm the Central Plains, the city-state of Yudu issues a call for aid. Martial cultivators from across Xiazhou descend on Yudu, chasing dreams of wealth and glory. Among them is Li Ming and his fellow biaohang from Dayong. Shattered by recent […]

Months after the fight with the Last Titan, Harry Dresden is nursing the spiritual and emotional wounds from that near apocalypse. Maya, a reformed prostitute turned charity worker, comes to his door, seeking a private investigator to help her escape the attention of her former pimp, who is threatening to sue her for the charity’s […]