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Otherwhere, Otherwhen, Otherwho, and Otherhow. These are the explorations of the web novel medium, one devoted to fantastic worlds and adventures that take place anywhere but in the present. Today, we’ll focus on genres of Otherwhere, that take readers to new worlds so unlike the current day. These worlds are physically new worlds, as opposed to […]

Every week, the Castalia House Blog spotlights some of the many new releases in independent, pulp and web novel-influenced science fiction and fantasy. Breaker of Horizons 2 – NoDragons Nic has been Selected. Chosen to leave his own body behind and become a monster. Chosen to live or die on his own wits. His own […]

Every week, the Castalia House Blog spotlights some of the many new releases in independent, pulp and web novel-influenced science fiction and fantasy. Dark Avenger: The Strange Saga of The Shadow – Will Murray The Deepest Secrets of the Master Avenger Revealed at Last! Dark Avenger: The Strange Saga of The Shadow documents the enigmatic character’s […]

Many of my conversations online with authors and superfans have recently revolved around the sudden revelation that there is another, separate independent science fiction tradition that has arisen from a completely different distribution and audience from the conventional independent scene. And, as books from this scene push into not just Amazon but even brick and […]

Best Served Cold (Morcster Chef #3) – Actus The disaster at Red Mount has been averted, but the link between the monster horde and the Howler guild is too strong to ignore. While Magus seeks to find concrete proof that can bring the guild down, the Happy Sunflowers set off to stay out of eyesight […]

Cirsova #13: Winter 2022 – edited by P. Alexander On a cold night, Martin is confronted by a strange aetherial being calling itself Sister Winter! There are dangerous men looking for her, and she needs Martin’s help! The ashes in Alness still smoulder under Rhygir and his mercenaries… Mangos must go alone to the north […]

When aliens and a technoplague speed up the breakdown of technological civilization, the U. S. Government sends its best and brightest warriors into the future via portal technology. Once there, these warriors are to rally what remains of humanity and reform the United States. Army Special Forces sergeant Benjamin Colt’s team never arrive at the […]

The Accidental Summoning – Kos Play Melvin Murphy is your average everyday teen… until he finds the System. Melvin has normal problems. High School. Tests. Trying to find a girlfriend (and failing… miserably). But one day he awakens with access to a System that governs all magic. In his attempt to summon a teacher to […]

An Act of Aggression (The Terran Space Project #3) – Alex Rath Trying to make a new life among the stars… Captain Maxwell Reeves of the Terran Space Project’s Wormhole Traversal Project has overcome deadly plants and aggressive griffins, and he has begun to hope that the settlement on Mythos can now begin to grow […]

An interesting intersection of fiction and music is that of sword & sorcery and heavy metal. I have written in the past about Howie Bentley’s fiction. Writing sword & sorcery is not his day job though. He is a guitar player of heavy metal for Cauldron Born, Briton Rites, Karnstein, and Blacksword. His latest is […]

Cultivation (Battle Mage Farmer #3) – Seth Ring With the mystery of the world deepening, John Sutton is running out of time. The apocalypse is approaching as his Doom Points tick up and John is finding it harder and harder to keep it together. His deepening knowledge of magic seems to be helping but as […]

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet currently sit with the worst reviews in the series. A 77 from critics, a 2.8 of 10 (!!!) from fans, and widespread uproar from the overall community. So what the heck happened? Are they really that bad? And yet… Wolfe Glick, a competitive pokemon player, said they were his favorite pokemon […]