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This is the first in a series of conversations with Cirsova contributors. Despite Cirsova being new to the scene it is attracting both well established writers and up and coming talent. I’ll begin with Adrian Cole, author of numerous SFF and horror stories. Adrian’s contributions appear in Cirsova #2 (The Sealed City) and he has stories lined […]

David the Good’’s Good Guide to Gardening series is a must for anyone considering a foray into gardening. Grow or Die was written with self sufficiency in mind and urges the reader to prepare for hard times, though David had the unprepared like me in mind when he wrote an appendix titled: The Emergency Quick-Start […]

Scott Cole:    What prompted you to research Appendix N? Jeffro Johnson:    I just wanted to understand why early D&D was so strange to me. I wanted to solve problems I faced in running games– problems that I now see stemmed from a stunted imagination. Several people have commented on this, but as I dug into […]

By now, the Gorean Saga’s reputation is well-known among fans of sci-fi and fantasy. Its long, extended discourses on the greatness of female sexual slavery are legendary, so much so that according to TV Tropes, “a mention of Gor is equivalent to trolling” and several large message boards ban its discussion. It is understandable why […]

Fake SciFi is ruining actual SciFi and here’s who’s to blame: Fake Science Fiction Writers.  But first… a little background. Science fiction has always been a rather fragile affair.  At times it has not had the significance it enjoys now.  In fact, there were times when it was, for all practical purposes, dead.  Just a […]

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