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I felt betrayed when I sat down to read the Keeper’s Guide for Call of Cthulhu seventh edition earlier this year. Granted, I bought first edition GURPS Horror way back when I didn’t know anything about anything. And hey… at the time I was really only going to use it for the monsters and the […]

Joseph Mason ran a response to a recent Crit or Miss video that will be of interest to any student of rpg history and game design. The argument there was about “The Problem with GURPS”… which actually includes one of the best pitches for the GURPS line that I’ve seen anywhere. The reviewer sings its […]

Peter Dell’Orto has an interesting observation over at Dungeon Fantastic: “We tend to discuss campaigns as if they belong to the GM. Peter’s game. Chris’s game. Gary’s game. That guy at the hobby shop’s game. But you’ll get people who say, no, it’s not the GM’s game. It’s the players’ game. If you as the […]

The growth of Douglas Cole’s GURPS Day roundup has continued throughout this year. A whopping 63 blogs are aggregated there now and more are added every week! Check out the latest installment over at Gaming Ballistic here. Meanwhile, Steve Jackson Games has launched a Kickstarter for a standalone boxed set featuring everything you need to […]

David Pulver is among the most prolific role-playing game designers around, and when his name appeared side by side with Steve Jackson and Sean Punch on the covers of the Fourth Edition GURPS core books, his status as one of the leading developers in the field was secured. He also witnessed first hand the trends […]

I haven’t done any┬árole-playing games with my son since… well, since that day he asked to play Gamma World first edition several months back. He loved the ACKS Player Companion when he saw it and rolled up a Gnomish Trickster, a Thrassian Gladiator, and a Priestess one time… but I never seemed to find the […]

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