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[Part1] …a recurring theme… first the new life spreads out across the surface, there to ASCEND into the space above.   Judgment Day   Before the last Ice Age began, a new kind of creature, the one we call Man, came into the world somehow. We don’t know quite how, scientifically, but there he is. […]

[Part 1] …there is another diabolical piece to this puzzle, one the Prosecution had failed to fit to its proper place before.   The Carbon Wars   They began a long time ago, long after the dinosaurs were gone, sometime late in the Autumn of Life. We can’t say just when. The ancient forests were […]

[Part 1] …[an] insidious gang of possible accomplices… we’ll need to investigate a little further before passing judgment.   The Winter of Life   At the worst of the Ice Age, the Arctic of now was the Europe of then- ice to the North, then permafrost all the way south to the Alps, then tundra and […]

[Part 1] Flowers were invented towards the end of the dinosaur’s reign, then grass, that uncanny, flowering plant.   The Autumn of Life   Around the time the dinosaurs left us, or maybe sometime after, the Earth began to get colder. There was a brief Indian Summer of an Eocene High, followed by the Azolla […]

[Part 1]   In this longest global battle… an accumulating cost, a debit on account, to be paid for dearly come the future.   The Summer of Life   The Cambrian Explosion took place in two epic stages. After a chilly pre-Cambrian prelude, all kinds of new animals came into being to spread over the floor […]

For these particular suspects, their case history spans almost the entire record of life on Earth.   The Spring of Life   Like a camera lens, the further we try to look back in time the fainter the picture becomes, a hazy, distant mountain. As we turn closer to our time, the story comes into better […]

Science is a collection of stories we like to tell each other about how the world works. This one is a detective story- a murder mystery- with some unwitting miscreants, their multiple victims, and quiet heroes. The tale has been told before, with us-es, the human races, as the offender. We, the usual suspects, are […]

As Fortuna would have it, I found myself excavating the ancient remains of the SuperSonic Transport the other day. I used the usual techniques any archeologist would recognize, carefully brushing off the accumulated detritus between the ribs, there along the stringers, and there in the memory. There was something else in there as well, between […]

Their wars had been ranging across the cold and dying planet for ages before we landed there. The lines of the belligerents surged back and forth for uncounted millennia. The younger of the two Alliances gained ground almost the entire time, its empires sometimes sprawling across whole continents. Theirs is a war of immigration, of […]

Mrs. O’Leary left the lantern in the shed, cow kicked it over, winked her eye and said- One sultry night in October, about half past nine, a fire broke out in the city. It had been a long hot furnace of a summer, a drought the likes of which no one could remember. The place […]

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