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As Fortuna would have it, I found myself excavating the ancient remains of the SuperSonic Transport the other day. I used the usual techniques any archeologist would recognize, carefully brushing off the accumulated detritus between the ribs, there along the stringers, and there in the memory. There was something else in there as well, between […]

Their wars had been ranging across the cold and dying planet for ages before we landed there. The lines of the belligerents surged back and forth for uncounted millennia. The younger of the two Alliances gained ground almost the entire time, its empires sometimes sprawling across whole continents. Theirs is a war of immigration, of […]

Mrs. O’Leary left the lantern in the shed, cow kicked it over, winked her eye and said- One sultry night in October, about half past nine, a fire broke out in the city. It had been a long hot furnace of a summer, a drought the likes of which no one could remember. The place […]

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