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Scotland Yard’s own demon hunter, a farmer fated to be a warrior, and a rookie space trooper on the drop from Hell shine in this week’s llist of new releases. Cherry Drop (Abner Fortis, ISMC #1) – P. A. Piatt Abner Fortis joined the International Space Marine Corps for two reasons: to escape a life […]

Reading (With Both Hands): As someone who really likes adventure books, and really likes to blog about adventure books, there is a fascinating tension in the whole field because it is fundamentally popular entertainment, but the people who like to create these stories and the people like me who like to talk about them often […]

The December 1957 issue of Science Fiction Adventures continued the trend away from three novella format. The cover by Ed Emsh was for Robert Silverberg’s “Valley Beyond Time.” Sam Thornhill wakes up unexpectedly in a very pleasant valley on a planet with a double sun. There is a small group of humans and some aliens […]

In the Sacred Valley, sacred artists hone body, mind, and spirit to influence the world around them. All except for Lindon, who was born “Unsouled” and forbidden to learn any of the sacred arts. But when the heavens open up and give Lindon a glimpse into a future cataclysm, his path is decided. To save […]

This week’s new releases feature the last stand of a museum ship, a game world affecting the real world, and the travails of a blind prince. The Cost of Freedom (Starship Freedom #2) – Daniel Arenson Not long ago, the starship Freedom was a museum ship. A relic of a bygone era. A rusty old warship converted […]

Review (With Both Hands): Dark Operator, the first book in the five book series by John “Doc” Spears, Jason Anspach, and Nick Cole [Amazon link] is the most thrilling example of careful planning, diligent preparation, and conscientious execution that I have ever read. And yes, I’m totally serious about that. Games (The Wert Zone): AD […]

The October 1957 issue of Science Fiction Adventures had a new cover logo. Gone was title within a white rectangle. Barry Waldman was the cover artist for “Thunder Over Starhaven.” Robert Silverberg was back as “Ivar Jorgenson” with “Thunder Over Starhaven.” Johnny Mantell has a stolen Space Patrol ship with the SP on his tail. […]

The Four Horsemen, the Ember War, and dinosaurs march across this week’s list of new releases. Awakening (World of Magic #1) – Levi Werner The future lies within our minds… Paralyzed in a workplace accident, Lox’s life is looking bleak. He can’t even use the cutting-edge hardware that would allow him to play in the […]

Science Fiction (Wasteland & Sky): It’s a bit hard to believe there has been five posts covering this book (ten if we’re including Mr. Lundwall’s other book, and thirteen if we’re including Mr. Goulart’s work) but we have finally reached the end of the road. Don’t think for a second, however, that this means our […]

Science Fiction Adventures went monthly with issue #6 for September 1957. Emsh was back with a cover for C. M. Kornbluth’s “The Slave.” “To become a man again, ex-Special Agent Charles Barker had to be two men at the same time, fighting an alien enemy who had already conquered billions of others!” Aliens have been […]

A godly, almost saintly, detective must hunt down a demoniac serial killer in Declan Finn’s Hell Spawn, the first novel in the Saint Tommy, NYPD series. Billed as Catholic action horror, it provides a thouroughly Christian backdrop for a police thriller that straddles the line of urban fantasy. So, how does Hell Spawn work as […]

Secret histories, time-travelling billionaires, and seafaring assassins occupy this week’s new releases. Alchemist Assault (The Alchemist #2) – Dan Michaelson and D. K. Holmberg Alchemy is the key to stopping the Nighlan, but no Alchemists remain. The dangerous alchemy key has bonded to Sam, giving him access to the almanac that is the key to […]