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What is the punishment for a job well done? If you are Mangos and Kat, and have proven your ability to thrive with wits and steel when other men fill graves, it is a new, more difficult task. As befitting your skills. While the Bursa might be grateful for previous assistance from Kat and Mangos, […]

Tolkien (Pillarist): There is little doubt that, among the vast—if posthumously published—corpus of J.R.R. Tolkien, The Children of Hurin stands out as his darkest and most openly tragic work. It is a tale of doom set against the prince and princess of the House of Hador, and worse still, the great tragedies they are entrapped […]

Last week I wrote about Robert E. Howard: A Closer Look. I mentioned two lit-crit anthologies edited by Don Herron: The Dark Barbarian and The Barbaric Triumph. These are logical follow up volumes if you are interested in reading about Robert E. Howard. The Dark Barbarian is a landmark book. Published by the prestigious Greenwood […]

Alpha Strike (The Last Hunter #3)  – J. N. Chaney and Terry Mixon Be where your enemy is not. – Sun Tzu The time has come for Commodore Jack Romanoff and the crew of the battleship Delta Orionis to strike back at the robotic Locusts. He’s outgunned, outnumbered, and commands a battleship flown by battered […]

In the far future, many millions of years after a desperate humanity transported the last traces of life out of the Milky Way to Andromeda, humanity is flourishing in its new home. But politics abound as star kings plot against a weak galactic president, and four princesses fall prey to kidnappers. When formal military action […]

Gaming (Bounding Into Comics): In their latest effort to try and rehabilitate their public image, Blizzard Entertainment has introduced a new anti-harassment “Social Contract” which World of Warcraft players must agree to before logging into the game. As reported by 80Lv, players are presented with the agreement upon their first log-in to the game following […]

The Starmont Reader’s Guides were published from 1979 to 1992. The entries are numbered up through 61. There are gaps in the numbering as some failed to materialize. The idea was to provide an overview of a fantastic author. At worst, these books were just synopses of the subject author’s fiction. Some had criticism of […]

KARA’ZIN Empire of perfidy. With Menuvia little more than a funeral pyre, Xerdes flees to the Traitor’s Kingdom of Nazgan. Where larceny is legal, honor is fatal, and it pays to keep a low profile. For the deserts of Nazgan are not empty. A lethal legend now haunts the badlands, thirsty for sinful blood. A […]

Check out the Super Summer Book Sale running now through Tuesday June 21. Indie and small-press authors have banded together to offer over 160 ebooks priced at $0.99 with many titles free. The sale includes over sixty works new to the sale, and Terror House Press has joined in offering their entire catalog of ebooks for $0.99. Science fiction, […]

Somewhere, far off course in the vast reaches of space, the generation ship Endeavour flies blind. Her human colonists remain in suspension, while the ship itself is serviced by societies of Uplifted animals. The decades, or even centuries, of isolation have taken their toll, and the societies have stratified according to the decks and functions […]

James Bond (Hollywood in Toto): John Glen’s “The Living Daylights” (1987) was Dalton’s first vehicle as Bond, after Roger Moore stepped away from the unliked but wildly popular “A View to a Kill” (1985) and series icon Sean Connery had embarked on the enormously successful third act of his long film career. Dalton was a […]

H. P. Lovecraft received direct information on Robert E. Howard’s death from Dr. I. M. Howard dated June 29, 1936. Wherein Dr. Howard wrote:             “He slipped out of the house, entered his car which was standing in front of the garage, raised the windows and fired a shot through his brain. . .He shot […]