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I first heard of Patrick Clay’s “Sgt. Hawk” book series from the Paperback Warrior blog last year. The series is about a tough United States Marine the Pacific portion of WW2. What intrigued me was Patrick Clay was “fascinated with the epic style of author Robert E. Howard.” Belmont-Tower Books under the Leisure imprint published […]

Cinema (Looper): Let’s not mince words … “John Carter” was an okay movie. Released in 2012 by Disney and based on a series of books written by Edward Rice Burroughs — yes, the same author whose work led to Disney’s “Tarzan” — almost exactly a century prior, the science fiction blockbuster film was intended to […]

Tales From the Magician’s Skull is one of the top magazines if not the top magazine for sword & sorcery short fiction the past few years. Issue #5 continues a continuity of contents and presentation present from the first issue. San Julian returns as the cover artist for this issue. Dimensions are 8.5 x 11 […]

To upset the stable, mighty stream of time would probably take an enormous concentration of energy. And it’s not to be expected that a man would get a second chance at life. But an atomic might accomplish both— Allan Hartley, a dying soldier on a nuclear battlefield closes his eyes, and his life appears to […]

Dragon Mind (Blood of the Ancients #5) – Dan Michaelson and D. K. Holmberg A discovery of the source of Rob’s essence leads him home. Now that Rob has progressed to dragon heart, he’s called upon to help the artic cats find their leader. The journey leads him deeper into a dangerous land, where he must […]

Cinema (Yahoo Entertainment): Director Marcus Nispel is speaking out after Jason Momoa criticized their 2011 movie, Conan the Barbarian. In a statement to PEOPLE, Nispel opened up about the difficulties he faced as the director of the film. “As a filmmaker in this system you are a dog on many leashes. Trying to get Conan […]

Cirsova magazine is subtitled “Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring Suspense.” Editor P. Alexander certainly attempts to deliver on the magazine’s description. It is hard to believe the magazine has been around for six years already. Summer 2022, Volume 2, No 11 is 172 pages. Cover illustrating D. M. Ritzlin’s “Vran, the Chaos Warped” by […]

“Behold…the engines of death ride the sky. Every day they grow more numerous. Unless our nation bands together and ceases this endless wandering…we will disappear forever from the planet Elekton.” – Trigo the Mighty In the 1930s, an alien spacecraft crashed into the Florida swamps, the crew frozen at their posts. After many years of […]

Deathless Dungeoneers – J. D. Astra An underrated dungeon. A determined dungeoneer. One chance for a new start. Since the moment Rhen delved his first dungeon, he’s wanted nothing more than to own one himself. When a tiny plot pops up in the Dungeon Owner’s Guild, Rhen decides to take a leap of faith and […]

Matthew Pungitore Interviews Alex of Cirsova Magazine Hello! I am Matthew Pungitore! In this article, I’ll be talking with Alex of Cirsova magazine! Without further ado, let’s go! MATTHEW: Hello! Thank you very much for talking with me today, Alex! Can you tell us a little about yourself? who you are? what you do? what […]

Cinema (Yahoo): Jason Mamoa is opening up one particular career misfire that still cuts deep. The actor, set to appear in such forthcoming films as Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and Fast X, spoke to British GQ for a recently published interview about the fact that a project can be enjoyable to shoot and still […]

The Norse sagas have inspired imitations in English since William Morris translated The Volsung Saga in 1870. Hjalmar Bjornson’s “The Maiden Mengloth” (1926) and Richard F. Searight’s “The Cavern of the Dragon” (1936) are examples of saga imitation. Edward Lucas White (1866-1934) is a writer remembered for some classic weird stories: “Lukundoo,” “Song of the […]