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Here is a guest post by Richard: ELFWIN by S. Fowler Wright: A Review By Richard Toogood The Anglo-Saxons have made something of a belated push for public recognition over recent years. Hitherto marginalised in favour of the doomed glamour of the Romano-Britons whom they supplanted, and the more tongue friendly named Normans that came […]

I like to read books on paleontology. I used to read Peter Ward’s books a couple decades back. Bakker’s The Dinosaur Heresies and Adrian Desmond’s The Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs are on my shelves. One recent book that is garnering attention is Thomas Halliday’s Otherlands. The book was released on February 1, 2022 from Random House. I […]

Good sword & sorcery fiction has a strong horror element. It becomes Lin Carter when it doesn’t. What is more natural than putting the sword with Halloween, that spookiest of Celtic holidays? DMR Books has a forthcoming anthology of new fiction, Samhain Sorceries. The book contains 10 stories in 210 pages. Keith Taylor is the […]

I first heard of Patrick Clay’s “Sgt. Hawk” book series from the Paperback Warrior blog last year. The series is about a tough United States Marine the Pacific portion of WW2. What intrigued me was Patrick Clay was “fascinated with the epic style of author Robert E. Howard.” Belmont-Tower Books under the Leisure imprint published […]

Cirsova magazine is subtitled “Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring Suspense.” Editor P. Alexander certainly attempts to deliver on the magazine’s description. It is hard to believe the magazine has been around for six years already. Summer 2022, Volume 2, No 11 is 172 pages. Cover illustrating D. M. Ritzlin’s “Vran, the Chaos Warped” by […]

Novels set in the Roman Empire are popular, generally the period of the Julio-Claudian dynasty including Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero. There are novels about Constantine and two about Julian the Apostate that I can think of off hand. I came across a novel about the Roman Emperor Aurelian, The Unconquered Sun. The average person […]

The historical novel binge continues with Richard O’Connor’s The Vandal. Doubleday published the hardback in 1960. Popular Library published the paperback in 1962. Richard O’ Connor was a writer who flourished in the 1950s and 60s. His books are a mix of biographies and fiction. Most deal with the Old West or the U.S. Civil […]

Issue number four of Men’s Adventure Quarterly is a “Jungle Girls” theme. I have reviewed previous issues of MAQ remarking on the incredible production quality. MAQ No. 4 is 144 pages with a mix of contents. Fifty-seven pages are devoted to Jane Dolinger. Dolinger was a travel writer from the 1950s to the 1970s. She […]

Best of collections are good introductions to a writer. In the case of The Best of Jerry Pournelle, it is a case of collecting various odds and ends, many I had not read before. This is a sort of memorial collection as it came out after his death in 2017. This is a big anthology […]

The sword-and-sorcery movie boom of the early 1980s did not last long. I was there and saw some of the movies when they came out. I knew when I saw Red Sonja in summer 1985 that it was over. Barbarians at the Gates of Hollywood by P. J. Thorndyke is an entertaining history and look […]

A FLOCK OF SHIPS by Brian Callison Reviewed by Richard Toogood             The year 1970 witnessed the salvaging of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s derelict S.S Great Britain from its ignominious scuttled fate in the Falkland Islands. But it also saw first publication of a novel which depicted the discovery of another lost vessel, similarly at a […]

Weirdbook is one of the great small press magazines from the golden age of the small press. The magazine petered out after 30 issues in 1997. The magazine returned in 2015 with a fairly regular schedule. Weirdbook #42 is a special issue of all fiction by John Shirley. The format is trade paperback, 6 x […]