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The February 1957 issue of Science Fiction Adventures again featured three “complete new action novels.” The cover by William Bowman for Robert Silverberg’s “Slaves of the Star Giants” was not as good as the first issue. “Two Worlds in Peril” by James Blish and Phil Barnhart started the issue. James Blish might be best remembered […]

THE MIDNIGHT SEA by Ian Cameron Reviewed by Richard Toogood THE MIDNIGHT SEA opens, evocatively, on the bleak snow swept runway of Benbecula aerodrome in the Outer Hebrides. It closes upon an ebbing tide of the Kola Inlet. And dividing the two are twelve tumultuous days occupied with what Sir Winston Churchill described as “the […]

Original mass-market paperback books in its heyday is interesting. For the past two years, I have been learning some of that history belonging to a Men’s Paperback discussion group. Len Levison, Lou Cameron, Marvin Albert, Ralph Hayes, and Peter McCurtin are some of the writers from that period. Peter McCurtin (1929-1997) was Irish born, transplanted […]

Around fifteen years ago, there was an online magazine, Flashing Swords. One story that stayed with me was William King’s “Guardian of the Dawn.” The story stood above others in delivery. It featured Kormak, a member of an order that fights servants of darkness. “Guardian of the Dawn” was dark and moody with a strong […]

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