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August – 2021 –

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Edgar Rice Burroughs (Brussels Journal): One of the most popular authors of the Twentieth Century, Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875 – 1950), had a keen intuition about the health of the body politic and the positive relation of a vital culture to its founding traditions.  The Author of Tarzan (1912) and its many sequels, the inventor […]

DMR Books has had an ambitious publishing schedule. This summer has seen the release of Planetary Adventures, Prehistoric Adventures, and Viking Adventures. I picked up Prehistoric Adventures last weekend at the DMR Books table at Pulpfest. I have a fondness for prehistoric/caveman fiction. Who among you read Jim Kjelgaard’s The Fire Hunter as a lad? […]

Wars for freedom, space, and magic fill this week’s new releases. Embark – Jon Justice Kaytha has found something, and humanity won’t survive with it. In the future, global corporations DeCorp and EnerCon have made interstellar travel possible and space flight available to all humanity. But, when an industrial accident inside DeCorp sets off an […]

RPG (Grognardia): My direct experience of Iron Crown Enterprise’s Rolemaster during my youth was limited. I’d dabbled with Arms Law & Claw Law but that was the extent of my exploration of this venerable fantasy roleplaying system. (I was much taken with its “little brother,” Middle-earth Role Playing, which occupied a weird sweet spot in terms of its presentation of both […]

The twelfth issue of Science Fiction Adventures, June 1958 featured John Brunner’s “The Man From the Big Dark” on the cover (art by Emsh). “Only one kind of man ever came out of that gaping hole in space– a pirate. And with a girl’s mutilated corpse on board his ship, what else could Terak be?” […]

Reynard “The Fox” Douglas is an outlaw racecar driver who despises the government that jailed him, drafted him, and seized his money.  He’s also the only man with the skills to pilot an experimental race car into a strange Zone that is growing in New Mexico, a place where nothing gets out alive. Charged to […]

Alien invasions, fog monsters, and rebel moons fill this week’s new releases. Arrival (The Kyron Invasion #1) – Jasper T. Scott Chris Randall just lost his job as a bodyguard. That night, after picking up his wife, Bree, from her shift at a local casino, he breaks the bad news. Moments later, thunder cracks the […]

Robert E. Howard (Scifi Wright): This story contains more plot twists than other Conan yarns, and no one is whom he seems. On the one hand, it is perhaps the most crowded hence enjoyable of his stories, containing elements of everything a Conan story should have, and more. On the other, Conan seems not so […]

The eleventh issue of Science Fiction Adventures, April 1958 featured “a complete new book.” The cover by Emsh was for Robert Silverberg’s “Shadow on the Stars.” In a reprint of “Shadow on the Stars” (as Stepsons of Terra), Silverberg wrote that “Thunder Over Starhaven” must have been successful enough to warrant another novel “filling virtually […]

Atop the pole of Mars, Northwest Smith runs into an old flame, a Lady in Red named Judai. Meanwhile, the Martians worship a god whose name is never spoken out of secret. How these two facts are related is yet to be seen, but the path to understanding begins with a simple request to retrieve […]

Vikings, dungeon lords, and starship troopers clash in this week’s new releases. Battle Lines (Tranquility #2) – Josh Hayes and Devon C. Ford The Hive is gone, but the Queen’s effect on the world lingers. As the people of Tranquility rebuild, those touched by the alien creature struggle to come to grips with what was […]

Both Arkhaven Comics and Unauthorized are very pleased to welcome the all-around comedic talent MADE BY JIMBOB to Arktoons and UATV, respectively. His Savage Memes run M-W-F  at Arktoons.