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Comic Books (AIPT): Titan Comics and Heroic Signatures’ upcoming Conan the Barbarian series is getting a Free Comic Book Day comic. Announced today, the FCBD edition will kick off the brand-new ongoing written by Jim Zub and will feature art by Roberto De La Torre and colorist José Villarrubia. Free Comic Book Day will take place on […]

Cinema (Horror Obsessive): I’m a huge fan of Lovecraftian horror. I’ve read a bunch of Lovecraft’s stories, and I absolutely eat up films that riff on the themes and ideas he popularized. So from the moment I heard about Freeze, I knew I had to check out the trailer. Not only is this an obvious […]

RPG (Walker’s Retreat): If you managed to make a not-crap game, document it in a competent manner, target the right audience, and shill it to them properly then you will get attention that converts to sales- and sales that convert to an audience of users that want to give you more money. Robert E. Howard […]

Cinema (We’ve Got Back Issues): To put it bluntly, the road to Hollywood accepting that women can carry action movies has been as smooth as the back of a Stegasaurus with scoliosis, but as bad as things once were with such comic books movies spectacularly missing the point as Elektra and Catwoman, mismanaged female led […]

Gaming (Walker’s Retreat): IIOf course there’s the question of “Can I play this?” and the answer is “Yes.” This is the ruleset that Jon Mollison mentioned in his video that I posted the other day. Review (John C. Wright): Crucifixion Press Resurrects Pulse-Pounding Pulp Action In The New Anthology, ‘Shoot The Devil’: Nearly a century […]

Art (Steve Holland Book): While working on  my upcoming book ‘Steve Holland: Paperback Hero’, I reached out to Bob Larkin to see if he could help me with a few of the many covers of Steve that he painted over the years. He sent me a gang of illustrations, including quite a few of Steve […]

Westerns (Games Radar): whether you’re a frequent flyer or just go to the theater for special occasions, it’s unlikely you’ll have seen a Western on the big screen recently. Why isn’t Hollywood producing them anymore? Well, turns out that there are some rather sad reasons. Firearms (Field & Stream): Throughout history, many different handgun cartridges have been […]

History (Ancient Origins): Celtic warriors were one of the most important supports of Mediterranean armies. However, it is a little known fact that apart from their role in the Byzantium, these powerful warriors also had a strong connection with ancient Egypt. Firearms (Spec Ops Magazine): Browning Hi-Power is a single-action, semi-automatic pistol designed by the […]

Star Wars (Arkhaven Comics): Andor Episode 4. It’s back to being very slow. The excitement has left the building until next week at the earliest.  Good news, the dialog is tight and well structured.  Bad news, it is still in no way a Star Wars show.  The Jedi and the Sith would be completely out of place in […]

Popular Culture (Contemplations the Tree of Woe): Moreover, the change in our social mores is unpredictable in its pace and direction. Could Woodrow Wilson have predicted that his views would one day cause progressives to remove his mention from the school named for him? No, in his day he was the exemplar of progressivism. Could […]

T.V. (IGN): Aware of what Sapochnik was accomplishing on Game of Thrones, Condal asked if he would want to develop a Conan series with him and immediately agreed. “He was then off making Thrones for a year,” he explains. “I was writing scripts and sending them to him and he was sending me feedback.We wrote […]

Rings of Power (Samuel D. James): Well, after watching the first two episodes, I can report that Amazon’s Lord of the Rings prequel The Rings of Power is neither as good as its advertising claims, nor as bad as its critics insist. Like many—perhaps most—other pop culture artifacts of the streaming era, it is mostly […]