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Leigh Brackett is something of a staple here at Castalia House and for the Pulp Revolution crowd at large, but I must admit it’s taken me quite a while to get to her stuff. I’ve seen Alex’s reviews, of course, and I’ve noted her constant exclusion by the “women have historically been excluded from SFF!!1” […]

Ever since humanity looked upon the stars, there have been stories of space. Rhapsodies spoken, drawn, and written about a place that is impossible to know, yet filled with infinite wonder. The “Space Opera” aesthetic is predominant in stories of alien beings, heroic earthlings, and tales rendering time and distance into mere playthings. Filled with […]

Everything that we’ve been told about science fiction and fantasy writing for the last couple of decades is a lie. All we hear is ‘you have to make it more real’ and ‘that needs to be realistic dialogue’ or ‘it wouldn’t really happen that way’. It’s led to the genre changing from John Carter leaping […]

You won’t want to miss this one, and not just for the shout-out to the sort of bloggers that have almost singlehandedly disconverged fantasy and science fiction criticism. Other authors stumble around attempting to articulate just what it is that makes Star Wars work. But Brian Neimeier nails it. Oh, and stay tuned. “On the […]

I just finished listening to Robert Heinlein’s Starman Jones, published in 1951. It’s a fun little novel and the narration by Paul Michael Garcia is good, he does a variety of voices well.   I remember the title from my high school days when I read absolutely everything I could get my hands on by […]

It is time, oh my friends, for another one of those mild-mannered and completely restrained opinion pieces for which I am justifiably and widely renowned. But unlike my earlier, more low key efforts, today’s subject may provoke me to forgo my easy-going manner and get a little exercised, or perhaps even emphatic. Let us begin: […]

Pulp. Undeniably awesome. Tautly written, unpretentious, imaginative, pure story from beginning to end. Even at its worst, it shot for a higher bar than any pretentious, whiny, narcissistic LitFic ever did. Which is why the bastards killed it. Or, at least, they tried. They tried to kill The Pulp, BUT THE PULP WOULDN’T DIE! As […]

This is an awesome, awesome show loaded with commentary, discussion, analysis, and speculation. We mention a great many blog posts as we cruise through this, so to help you keep up, here’s a roundup: Jon Mollison’s comment on Pulp Nova from over on Google+ John C. Wright’s Ugly and the Beast My post on The Pulps […]

Robert Ervin Howard was an incredibly prolific writer, and produced a bibliography so full as to make those of us with limited reading time weep.[1] Some modern (and not so modern) critics have apparently dismissed Howard as a kind of idiot savant who was able to succeed despite his lack of education and training mainly […]

This is a can’t-miss episode with gamer, Castalia House blogger, and author Jon Mollison. And all the hottest topics in fantasy and science fiction are covered: How to get your writing career of the ground… with novellas! How to claw your way to the top… without the resources of an NYC publishing house at your […]

The #pulprevolution is in full swing, and new cells of activity are popping up all over the place.  People are writing, people are organizing, people are producing things and getting them out into the wild. It’s amazing to watch it happen, but even more amazing to participate in it, and I really hope some of […]

YES! It’s blog post time, time for me to crank out 900 words of scintillating prose in the form of a scathing review, a brutal editorial, or a brilliant and inspiring speech calling for the brave Pulp Revolutionaries to storm the citadel of Tradpub and cast down their Golden Idols. Hey, I’m Daddy Warpig—it’s what […]