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Robert Ervin Howard was an incredibly prolific writer, and produced a bibliography so full as to make those of us with limited reading time weep.[1] Some modern (and not so modern) critics have apparently dismissed Howard as a kind of idiot savant who was able to succeed despite his lack of education and training mainly […]

This is a can’t-miss episode with gamer, Castalia House blogger, and author Jon Mollison. And all the hottest topics in fantasy and science fiction are covered: How to get your writing career of the ground… with novellas! How to claw your way to the top… without the resources of an NYC publishing house at your […]

The #pulprevolution is in full swing, and new cells of activity are popping up all over the place.  People are writing, people are organizing, people are producing things and getting them out into the wild. It’s amazing to watch it happen, but even more amazing to participate in it, and I really hope some of […]

YES! It’s blog post time, time for me to crank out 900 words of scintillating prose in the form of a scathing review, a brutal editorial, or a brilliant and inspiring speech calling for the brave Pulp Revolutionaries to storm the citadel of Tradpub and cast down their Golden Idols. Hey, I’m Daddy Warpig—it’s what […]

Over at the SuperversiveSF blog Castalia House blogger Anthony M has a couple posts breaking down his criticism of Castalia House blogger Rawle Nyanzi’s anime-fueled pulp story “Sword & Flower”. Now, there’s enough of a fundamental disagreement here that neither side is ever going to completely agree with the other. But for people on the […]

Okay, this one‘s been in the works for what’s seemed like ages. It has now arrived at this webzone! Fire up a plate of pizza rolls and tune into this monster podcast that weighs in at well over two hours. Hear more about Sudden Rescue and Sword and Flower. Discover astonishing insights into the genesis […]

Well there’s no way around it. And it’s not like I wasn’t tipped off about this via the exquisite Ben Rodriguez cover depicting a hot adventure-girl in a fungus-filled room with a stock standard Lovcraftian horror tentacle waving at her– and gosh, her torch. What is up with that torch made out of a human […]

Okay, this one’s just plain nuts. Is it a superhero tale? A dystopian cyberpunk adventure? A Philip Marlowe style noir-detective story…? Yes… it’s all three at once. And it’s absolutely crazy. Does it work? You know, you could argue that it all comes down to personal preference, but I think even as offbeat as this is […]

Good Game Masters write their own stuff; great GM’s STEAL. SO LET’S TALK STEALING! He-Man is what you’d get if you crossed Conan with Shazaam (aka DC’s Captain Marvel): a muscled, superhero barbarian that a muscled, but mild-mannered Prince Adam turns into thanks to a magic sword. The main character of He-Man and the Masters […]

I’ve held off on turning a critical eye towards Cirsova magazine for several reasons. For one thing, I’d be crazy to say anything bad about the project. P. Alexander is a friend, sure. One of the few people to pay attention to me in those weird days of 2015 when sitting at my lunch table […]

It is a great day, a glorious day, a day for Daddy Warpig to once again SHAKE THE PILLARS OF HEAVEN! Everything you know about “Genre” is wrong. Okay, maybe not you. You’re an unusually intelligent and attractive individual, who has risen above the petty restrictions which bedevil lesser minds. But those other guys—PHEW!—do they […]

The feels? They’re hurt! The natives? They’re restless! The shark? It’s totally jumped. And through it all there is this insistent pulse: the call for a leader. The desire for a consensus. The wish for things to be simpler than they really are. The demand that we carve out a side, don a jersey, put on […]