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August – 2019 –

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Xianxia cultivation fantasies, arcane gas-lamp fantasies, Western cattle drives, and archaeological thrillers liven up this week’s collection of fantasy and adventure new releases. The Book of Bones (Harvey Bennett Thrillers #7) – Nick Thacker The sons of God once walked among us A dark thread runs through the history of humanity, and it will change everything. […]

[Part 1] …[an] insidious gang of possible accomplices… we’ll need to investigate a little further before passing judgment.   The Winter of Life   At the worst of the Ice Age, the Arctic of now was the Europe of then- ice to the North, then permafrost all the way south to the Alps, then tundra and […]

 David V. Stewart first came to my attention by way of the YouTube algorithm.  An independent author, he hosts a vlog channel that focuses on the art and business of writing, with frequent digressions into music and culture.  A thoughtful speaker, he eschews the strum and drang of modern outrage culture and instead offers more deliberate […]

The book that they said would never be produced has, in fact, been published! ALT-HERO Volume 1 is now available on Amazon in both hardcover and in paperback. Written by Vox Day and featuring the art of Cliff Cosmic and Richard Bonk, the first of the Alt★Hero Collections collects the first six issues of Arkhaven’s flagship comic book series,  Alt★Hero, […]

An Equation of Almost Infinite Complexity is now available in audiobook+. If you’re potentially interested in this very funny and very Canadian satire, you can listen to a nearly two-hour free sample  at Unauthorized. When the devil moves in next door to Cooper Smith Cooper’s house, Cooper doesn’t know what to make of him at first. But […]

Conventions (Pulp Flakes): If you have been following my pulp convention reports for over the last 10 years, then you know they all have appeared on Steve Lewis’ excellent MYSTERY FILE website.  He has published and encouraged me to report the activities for Pulpfest, Windy City, and PulpAdventurecon.   Authors (DMR Books): I saw that old movie The Silver Chalice when […]

My latest addition in the Osprey Men-at-Arms series is Latin American Wars 1900-1941. Subtitled “’Banana Wars,’ Border Wars & Revolutions,” it covers mostly small wars of Latin America. The booklet does not cover the Mexican revolution and civil wars of the teens and the Chaco War between Bolivia and Peru in the 1930s. That was […]

After their harrowing escape from the giants and First Born of Jotunheim, Joash and the Elonite warriors wait off-shore for a message from the wandering Lod, whose visions may hold the key to understanding the sudden moves of the Nephilim and their children. But the First Born are still hunting for the Elonites with all […]

Explorers, pirates, outcasts, and peacemakers drift through this week’s list of science fiction’s new releases. The Emperor’s Fist (The Far Stars #4) – Jay Allan When the Far Stars came under imperial attack, Astra Lucerne—the daughter and successor of the Far Stars’ greatest conqueror—Marshal Augustin Lucerne—rallied her father’s confederation forces to defend their worlds. They […]

Horror (Bloody Disgusting): The phrase “cosmic horror” conjures up images of massive tentacled beasts that defy all aspects of human understanding. Monsters created by author H.P. Lovecraft, such as Cthulhu, Dagon, and Shub-Niggurath, drive those that see them into madness, driven insane by their pure incomprehensibility. Their massive size, many limbs, innumerable eyeballs, and unnatural […]

I have written in the past for my fondness for the fiction of Joseph Payne Brennan. He has been out of print for a very long time. Now, Dover Books has put out two trade paperback reprints of his two paperback horror collections. Nine Horrors and a Dream was originally an Arkham House hardback and […]

“In this life, victory does not always go to the righteous. It rains on the wicked and on the good. In fact, evil is strong, for many hands work against Elohim. The rebellion begun in the Celestial Realm is now carried out on Earth.”— Giants, by Vaughn Heppner A pre-Flood slave escapes his brutish Nephilim […]