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Party Like It’s 1999: Bruce Sterling’s Zeitgeist Bruce Sterling is a fairly well known name in science fiction. He can be reasonably credited as one of the founders of the Cyberpunk movement and his novel The Difference Engine (co-written with William Gibson) helped to launch the Steampunk movement. I could talk about a lot of […]

Artists And Models: Aaron Allston’s Galatea In 2D Aaron Allston is probably best known as the author of a series of Star Wars novels. Gamers will also remember him as the former editor of The Space Gamer magazine as well as a prolific writer for titles such as Champions, Car Wars, and Basic D&D. In […]

Dead Man Walking: Lucius Shepard’s Green Eyes Green Eyes was published in 1984, originally by Ace. It is currently available as a Kindle e-book published by, which seems to specialize in reprints of classic genre fiction. The e-book copy of Green Eyes that I purchased is well formatted and free of errors. This book […]

If You Meet The Buddha On The Road, Kill Him: Roger Zelazny’s Lord Of Light Roger Zelanzy’s Lord Of Light was published in 1967 and won the Hugo in 1968. It was originally published by Doubleday and has been reprinted by Harper-Voyager. There seems to be neither e-book nor audio editions available. (Pity.) His followers […]

A Match Made In Space: Michael Swanwick’s Vacuum Flowers Michael Swanwick’s Vacuum Flowers is has just been re-issued on Kindle by Open Road Media Sci & Fantasy Group. Open Road seems to be in the business of re-issuing out of print classics of genre fiction—a glance at the sample chapter from some of their other […]

The design notes for the classic TSR game Divine Right contain yet another data point regarding the literary inspirations of game designers during the late seventies: In the interim, we discovered the Chaosium game of White Bear, Red Moon. This game was something new in our experience – a game of heroic fantasy…. There was […]

Through The Eyes Of A Child: Patricia Geary’s Strange Toys You should know by now that I favor fiction that breaks down the walls between genres. Patricia Geary’s Strange Toys doesn’t so much break down the walls as grind them into a fine powder and then snort them from the tanned sculpted chest of the […]

A Man Of Parts: John Maxim’s Abel Baker Charlie Published in 1983 by Houghton Mifflin, and then re-released in 2001 by Avon, John Maxim’s Abel Baker Charlie seems to be effectively out of print. There does seem to be a Kindle version available, but skimming the sample on Amazon shows that it’s a quick and […]

The Original Tomb Raider: Jo Clayton’s Skeen’s Leap Trilogy Jo Clayton published Skeen’s Leap in 1986 with Daw Science Fiction, and followed up with Skeens’s Return and Skeen’s Search, both in 1987. As near as my crack team of internet researchers can determine, all three volumes are out of print. Nor is Audible any help—Audible, […]

A Man Of Wealth And Taste: Jack Chalker’s And The Devil Will Drag You Under Jack L Chalker is known for his series novels—the Well Of Souls series probably being the most famous. I can’t comment on any of them, I think I may have tried to read Midnight At The Well Of Souls once, […]

A Miracle Of Rare Device: Tim Powers’ The Anubis Gates Tim Powers writes Secret History Hard Fantasy. He does extraordinary amounts of research for his novels and uncovers strange, inexplicable events that really happened and then builds a story out of explaining why. That sounds very dry and intellectual when I say it like that, […]

Coloring Outside The Lines: Frank Miller’s Ronin Rōnin was written and drawn by Frank Miller, colored by Lynn Varley, and lettered by John Costanza. It was published by DC Comics as a four episode series, in 1983 and 1984, and collected into a single volume in first in 1987, then reprinted several times, including a […]