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Castalia House is extremely pleased to announce the release of AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND, a collection of four novellas by John C. Wright set in the famous Night Land of William Hope Hodgson. It is not an easy book to categorize. Part anthology, part novel, it consists of four novellas that are tied together […]

The advantages of independent publishing vs traditional publishing are fairly well-known. However, we were asked by an author to compare the differences between self-publishing and independent publishing. While we can’t speak for independent publishing in general, we were able to articulate some of the primary advantages of publishing with Castalia House. SELF-PUBLISHING ADVANTAGES: Keep all […]

Because there have been some assertions from various writers that the No-Advance, High-Royalty model utilized by Castalia House and other independent publishers is somehow unethical or presents an unfair deal for writers, we asked one of our authors if we could compare the results of his recently released book to the conventional models utilized by […]

As part of our commitment to broad-spectrum intellectual development and the preservation of traditional Western civilization, Castalia House is producing a series of homeschool curricula. Our first curriculum, Astronomy, is authored by Dr. Sarah Salviander and will be available in time for the 2014-15 school year. We are presently working on three more curricula: Newtonian […]

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