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The question of just what sort of game Classic Traveller really was at the beginning is among the greatest mysteries of gaming. Mind you, that’d be Traveller without the Third Imperium. Without the big ships of High Guard or the grav tank design sequences of Striker. Traveller without “advanced” character generation. Without the Spinward Marches. […]

This was our third game of Space Empires 4X with the Close Encounters expansion. The first session I managed to blitz past my sons defenses with a stack of cloaked destroyers thanks to the “Cloaking Geniuses” Empire advantage. The second session my son went all in with an all-destroyer fleet and large amounts of ship […]

So I’m several sessions into an ongoing Call of Cthulhu campaign. I’m aggravated because the last session it became clear that we effectively had no autonomy. I burned through all my luck points to do something awesome, but this isn’t a “go do awesome things” game. It’s more of a “pretend to investigate stuff while […]

In two posts I’ve outlined my Classic Traveller setting: first by rolling up an entirely random subsector and secondly by musing on the nature of one of the polities with a focus on its capital and its location within the polity it leads. The capital of the Empire of Reason is the Ladfaus system which […]

I love everything about this expansion. I wonder sometimes if it’s maybe just a little bit too much for mere mortals, but we are so engrossed by it at my house that we don’t have time to really think that point all the way through. We replayed the “Extra Large 2-player” scenario because I really […]

I felt betrayed when I sat down to read the Keeper’s Guide for Call of Cthulhu seventh edition earlier this year. Granted, I bought first edition GURPS Horror way back when I didn’t know anything about anything. And hey… at the time I was really only going to use it for the monsters and the […]

This is a game I’ve wanted to play for a long time: Traveller with just the original three little black books. Decoupled from the ponderous rules and “official” setting material that accrued steadily through subsequent releases and editions. I rolled up a character while the other players got into a scuffle at a psionics institute. […]

This is had been an unplayed expansion on my shelf for far too long. My gut feeling had been that it was that it would be just too much to throw at people without having played more of the base game first. I think that’s wrong now. The stuff that is added in the first half […]

I used to think that sort of games I liked were complex. Mastering the rules, finding an opponent, and then teaching someone else how to play always seemed like a challenging undertaking to me, anyway. But everything’s relative. Compared to the old baseline of chess, checkers, Monopoly, Risk, and rummy the old “MicroGames” Car Wars, […]

Over at Save Versus All Wands, a post about a throwaway blog comment of mine has gotten record levels of traffic. Which is ironic, because I would have thought such sentiments would have been completely unremarkable among “old school” gamers. Fortunately, some people get it. I find Steve Queen’s comment there to be particularly cogent: […]

Last week I discovered the The Big Board and after first review mentioned that most posts were not in-depth. Kevin was good enough to comment and suggested I check out his videos for his more detailed commentary. Prolific is the word to describe Kevin’s social media presence and I’d like to share. Kevin’s Twitter feed is #bigboardgaming […]

This game has been tough to get back on the table. “Real” wargamers tend to not touch space games. Euro gamers cannot handle the unmitigated direct conflict. Role-players have the luxury of just kicking back, rolling some dice, and watching where everything leads; their multi-year continuous campaigns leave them no time for space battles. Microgamers […]