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Okay, this is a really great show. I find it absolutely fascinating how people can have such completely different understandings of role-playing games even when they’re are more or less working from the same reference points. Getting these sorts of perspectives side by side and in conversation with each other is awesome. One funny bit, though: […]

This is a very large game. It positively exudes gravitas. It’s among the most revered and most talked about rpgs of all time. The people with epic stories of awesome game sessions that came out of playing this system are legion. This is not something I’m just going to spontaneously pick up and run with, so I’m […]

The Superversive Roundable from this past Saturday was all about RPGs. This was a really interesting show for a lot of reasons, but I have to say the most mind blowing thing about it is that John C. Wright has been playing role-playing games for decades… without ever playing the ones that everybody else on the […]

This is the big one. There’s five ships to a side in this one. The Terrans have a total of seven hard hitting anti-matter torpedoes on their ships. The Talon have not only five seeking weapons on their ships and countless disruptors, but also the awesome “space shotgun” that is the fusion canon. Now… if every […]

This is our seventh scenario with the game and it’s still the #1 game on our shelves. (So many awesome games gathering dust… because of Talon!) This is the first one that I didn’t really care for and I’ll get to why in a second. First, though… I’ve got to say, this game gets so […]

There’s sort of an unwritten rule in rpg discussion. There’s several of them, really: System doesn’t matter; it’s the GM that makes the game. There’s no reason to really be doctrinaire about which edition of a game is best; whatever works! The only wrong way to play rpgs is to tell people they’re doing it […]

The RPG Tequendria by Scott Malthouse and published through The Trollish Delver Games was released recently on DriveThruRPG as a pay-what-you-want pdf and let me tell you, I immediately wanted to snap it up. Why? Well, the price was right but, that’s not the main reason. The main reason is that it is the only […]

TEQUENDRIA is a fantastical roleplaying game inspired by the works of Lord Dunsany, the grandfather of modern fantasy. In this game you may become a grim Gravekeeper of Zum, a soul-weilding Icur sorceror or even an artificial Doomgaunt. Travel the wilds of Yann where the winter will bite as fiercly as the wolves, or delve in […]

It’s simultaneously the most marvelous and the most aggravating aspect of the really old role-playing games. Every time you pick up the rule book you can stumble across something that you never saw before! Just as the latest example, in the combat example from section 2.31 of 5th edition Tunnels & Trolls, an elf rogue has […]

If there’s one topic that’s been done to death in the old school scene it’s the all around adulation they have there for the unmitigated wisdom of classic D&D’s “XP for gold” rules. And it’s no wonder, really. The older XP rules are obviously dumb. Anyone can look at them and come up with more “realistic” ways […]

Traditionally, dungeon designers begin creating a fantasy adventure by drawing a map. (Really traditional dungeon designers cram as many rooms as they can fit onto a single piece of graph paper, but never mind that!) Then faced with dozens of empty rooms, the Dungeon Master is faced with the soul-numbing task of “stocking” them all. Most […]

Aaron B. writes in with a question: “Okay, that frequency of deaths is new to me, so I’m intrigued. I really like this idea of not seeing a new character as a hero with a destiny that the player is immediately attached to. As a practical matter, though, what do you do when it happens? […]