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This post is a deep dive into Gnome themed wargame products and I was surprised how much is currently available. The biggest surprise came while conducting non-gnome related research in the S&T Magazine Library . I found an article previewing S&T Magazine #42 (Gnome – Orc War) but the magazine that went to print had nothing […]

Nuts! The Battle of the Bulge was released in 1998 by Decision Games as a card game.  HexWar Games now has the rights and released a computer version in 2016, available on Steam. I came across Nuts! at the same time as this other Bulge computer game and decided to look into the card based concept. The […]

This is roleplaying: A bunch of guys sit around a table. One of them—the Game Master—says: “The room is dark, lit only by your flickering torches. In the middle of the room is a squat statue of the Bloated God, carved from an unknown mottled green stone. In his hands is a metal bowl, inside […]

I figure any Wargame Wednesday post that falls on the 4th of July should be related to the holiday.  The problem is I don’t think I have ever played a military simulation of the Revolutionary War. The closest I got was the old Colonization computer game. There are a few games available such as Trenton […]

For those interested in Napoleonics miniatures I came across The Wargaming Company.  Product development began in 2009 though first release of their products wasn’t until 2015. For anyone new to the hobby and is daunted by the historical research required to acquire, then paint an army, this company’s products are a good way to start. […]

This is the continuation of the ASL Starter Kit scenario S24 that I previously described at Vox Popoli. As you can see Turn 3 turned out to be eventful, as my AT gun revealed itself as soon as one of the Russian tanks presented it with a clear side shot on the right flank, while […]

The multi-dimensional balancing act of wargame design has led to a proliferation of titles. The huge number of variables that have to be juggled in even the simplest of wargames presents a huge number of opportunities for wargame designers to seek out the “sweet spot” in everything from level of detail to movement schemes to […]

There’s an interesting comment over on Playing Dice With the Universe from an aggravated Dungeon Master aggravated at his players complaints of his railroading ways: My only real concern as a 1e DM is the cries of “railroading” when players try to leave the the established play area. We’re playing a game, the context of […]

Session characters: Sir Percival Jones, 54577B, Age 30, Scout (3 terms, mustered out), Pilot 1, JOT 1, ATV 1, Vacc Suit 1 Elect 3. He’s cash poor, but, a lucky chap who’s survived 12 years as a scout and the service appreciates it by loaning him a ship. He’s playing Galahad on for a mother […]

You know, I’m not sure what I was expecting to happen when Appendix N finally hit Amazon. But look at these rankings for the major D&D non-fiction works on the market right now: #32,561 Paid in Kindle Store: Empire of the Imagination #74,548 Paid in Kindle Store: Appendix N #197,532 Paid in Kindle Store: Of […]

First edition Gamma World contains an intriguing hex map of post-apocalyptic America. It’s charming, but it consists only of rivers, unshaded triangle mountains, dark triangle mountains, and circles representing former cities of the ancients. There is no key. And there are no instructions on how to use it except for one brief aside in the […]

I didn’t have a particular adventure module in mind when I sat down to run first edition Gamma World. I didn’t have a developed campaign setting. I didn’t really have anything in mind other than that I wanted to see what happened when you took the game as is and then ran it according to […]