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An interesting intersection of fiction and music is that of sword & sorcery and heavy metal. I have written in the past about Howie Bentley’s fiction. Writing sword & sorcery is not his day job though. He is a guitar player of heavy metal for Cauldron Born, Briton Rites, Karnstein, and Blacksword. His latest is […]

Comic Books (AIPT): Titan Comics and Heroic Signatures’ upcoming Conan the Barbarian series is getting a Free Comic Book Day comic. Announced today, the FCBD edition will kick off the brand-new ongoing written by Jim Zub and will feature art by Roberto De La Torre and colorist José Villarrubia. Free Comic Book Day will take place on […]

J. T. T. Ryder’s Hag of the Hills is a new novel from 2022. It is the first part of the Bronze Sword Duology. The novel is set on the island of Skye around 200 B.C.  Brennus is the youngest son of a famed warrior. His oldest brother Bodvoc is a metal smith, the middle […]

Cultivation (Battle Mage Farmer #3) – Seth Ring With the mystery of the world deepening, John Sutton is running out of time. The apocalypse is approaching as his Doom Points tick up and John is finding it harder and harder to keep it together. His deepening knowledge of magic seems to be helping but as […]

Men’s Adventure Quarterly issue number 5 is “The Dirty Dozen Issue.” I read and wrote about the novel The Dirty Dozen last year. Dimensions are 8 x 10 inches, 171 pages. Contents include three editorials. There is a section devoted to model Eva Lynd including art and poses.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet currently sit with the worst reviews in the series. A 77 from critics, a 2.8 of 10 (!!!) from fans, and widespread uproar from the overall community. So what the heck happened? Are they really that bad? And yet… Wolfe Glick, a competitive pokemon player, said they were his favorite pokemon […]

Cinema (Horror Obsessive): I’m a huge fan of Lovecraftian horror. I’ve read a bunch of Lovecraft’s stories, and I absolutely eat up films that riff on the themes and ideas he popularized. So from the moment I heard about Freeze, I knew I had to check out the trailer. Not only is this an obvious […]

Monster Hunter Bloodlines by Larry Correia is the ninth novel in this popular series. Baen Books published the hardback last year, the paperback just came out a couple months ago. The novel starts out with the crew from Monster Hunter International watching a deal for a Newton Ward Stone so they can get their hands […]

“As I am, you once were. As you are, I must someday be.” The above is a refrain murmured throughout Misha Burnett’s An Atlas of Bad Roads, a collection of his short stories pulled from various start-up short story magazines and anthologies of the past few years. Not Cirsova, though. Not this time. The mood […]

Dao Destruction (The First Immortal #4) – Bruce Sentar Darius and the village of Hearthway have prepared for the winter and even thrived in the middle of it. But as their leader, Dar needs to look to the future, to spring and the war that comes with it. When military recruiters follow their barge down from […]

I have posted before on New Texture’s art books. Their latest is George Gross Covered. George Gross (1909-2003) was one of the premier cover artists for the men’s adventure magazines that flourished in the 1950s through the early 1970s.

RPG (Walker’s Retreat): If you managed to make a not-crap game, document it in a competent manner, target the right audience, and shill it to them properly then you will get attention that converts to sales- and sales that convert to an audience of users that want to give you more money. Robert E. Howard […]