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From a certain point of view, we are currently living in a great time for two of the most well-known science fiction franchises, Star Wars, and Star Trek. With Star Wars, we have several new films, at least one TV show, as well as comics and novels—and more is announced seemingly every week. And with […]

When we left Valerian and Laureline at the end of Wrath of Hypsis, Earth, Galaxity, and most of the human race vanished in a space-time paradox. Valerian and Laureline still wander the galaxy, thanks to a favor called in to the Hypsis “gods”, but they no longer have the backing or the money of humanity’s […]

The Heretics of St. Possenti, by Rolf Nelson, presents the story of a disillusioned bishop heading off into the American backwoods to establish a monastery dedicated to the usual sorts of monkish activities. You know the kind: growing their own food, praying at regular hours, singing matins every midnight, studying the bible, learning a trade, […]

I intend to be very careful with this review. It is generally my custom to simply warn people of spoilers then go ahead with my review cheerfully guiltless about whatever plot points they happen to pick up in their reading. Hey, I warned you. Or else whatever I do spoil is generally unimportant or early […]

Created by the bestselling SF novelist Jerry Pournelle, THERE WILL BE WAR is a landmark science fiction anthology series that combines top-notch military science fiction with factual essays by various generals and military experts on everything from High Frontier and the Strategic Defense Initiative to the aftermath of the Vietnam War. It features some of […]

Look, I like John Ringo books as much as the next guy, maybe more. I’ve read The Last Centurion at least a half-dozen times, and read “Dark Tide Rising” more times than that. I’ve read his “Monster Hunter Memoirs” entries (co-authored with Larry Correia) twice, even buying the pricey pre-release ebooks (“eARC”) from Baen because I […]

Fiction (Tolkien and Fantasy blog): “The Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series, which published some 70-odd books from 1969-1974, is justly renowned, and Lin Carter (1930-1988) is often acclaimed as the editor of the series, but he was not the editor.  Look at the footer of every single one of his introductions to books in the series: […]

Just a note to apprise the Alt★Hero backers of the current progress. Vox Day has now completed the script for Alt★Hero #1: Falls the Hammer, so between Chuck and Vox, 108 pages of the 576 pages required for Alt★Hero volumes 1-6 and Avalon volumes 1-6 have been written. The first 24 pages for Alt★Hero #2: The War in Paris […]

The following is an excerpt from Rod Walker’s bestselling novel, YOUNG MAN’S WAR, the third book in his The Thousand Worlds series. *     *     *      *      * Dad had come into the living room. He was a big man, and he looked like the sort of cop who […]

Wayne Barlowe (b. 1958) has had a very successful career in science fiction illustration. He has also done some fantasy work. From his website: “Born in Glen Cove, New York to well-known natural history artists Sy and Dorothea Barlowe, Wayne Douglas Barlowe attended the Art Students League and The Cooper Union in New York City. […]

It’s easy to forget nowadays, given the legion of predictable, played-out, repetitive, and boring works, but the mystery genre is relatively young.  The earliest notable entries were several Poe short stories featuring C. Auguste Dupin (1841-1844), Collins’ The Moonstone (1868), and Dickens’ unfinished The Mystery of Edwin Drood (1870). The Dupin stories were the earliest and most influential, […]

This roundup of the newest releases in science fiction features a group of interstellar refugees who band together to return to Earth by any means necessary, an alien abduction to a planet full of dinosaurs, and a return to the universe of the Four Horsemen for another round of aliens, human mercenaries, and uneasy contracts. […]