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I’m doing my best to avoid having this post devolve into an anime-centric column, but there are a couple of things working against me: A) What I wind up reading is not always something I feel like talking about for one reason or another (some things aren’t so much bad, which is perfectly valid review, […]

The golden age of wargaming is any age where you’ve got enough time to wargame. For those with overloaded by a combination of careers, kids, houses, church obligations, and unconscionable commutes, that golden age is certainly not in the present. While those priorities may make it impossible to get your wargame fix via a long […]

The per-page rates for Kindle Unlimited page reads. Jan: $.004110 Feb: $.004790 Mar: $.004778 Apr: $.004956 May $.004686  

Last week, I put up some links to my hypothetical Best of Weird Tales post. A member of both the Robert E. Howard (REHUPA) and Lovecraft (Esoteric Order of Dagon) amateur press associations mentioned “I have waited 40 years for a Nictzin Dyalhis collection.” Nictzin Dyalhis is one of the enigmatic writers for Weird Tales […]

Signal Red by Henry Guth appeared in the Fall 1949 issue of Planet Stories. Signal Red is not a bad story; it’s just, much like the other stories I’ve read in this issue, not what I’d gotten used to from Planet Stories from just a few years earlier. Humanity has outposts and travel throughout the […]

When I was little, one of my favorite wargames was Lewis Pulsipher’s Britannia. In it, players play out the successive waves of invaders conquering the Isle of Great Britain, starting with the Roman conquest and concluding with the Battle of Hastings. Tribes are divvied up between four players in such a way that they will […]

I’m not usually the kind of guy who watches magical girl shows. As a general rule I prefer my universes to be “rivets rather than magic”; I tend to like the science fiction worldview better than the fantasy worldview. (There’s something about scifi that resonates with me on a deeper level than fantasy, but that’s […]

Through The Eyes Of A Child: Patricia Geary’s Strange Toys You should know by now that I favor fiction that breaks down the walls between genres. Patricia Geary’s Strange Toys doesn’t so much break down the walls as grind them into a fine powder and then snort them from the tanned sculpted chest of the […]

There have been a number of Weird Tales anthologies but interestingly, no best of Weird Tales. If you were to put together a Best of Weird Tales, what stories would you include? Here is my list:   The Call of Cthulhu                                H. P. Lovecraft Beyond the Black River                        Robert E. Howard The Tale […]

Captain Midas by Alfred Coppel, Jr. appeared in the Fall 1949 issue of Planet Stories. Captain Midas is another ‘tough’ story of the hard, grizzled men of space, but without some of the silliness of Ordeal in Space.  Let me start off by saying this would’ve made a great episode of The Outer Limits. The […]

Peter Grant’s new and very well-regarded Western, Brings the Lightning, is now available in hardcover. Book One of The Ames Archives is 272 pages and retails for $19.99. The production team is working hard at bringing all of our 40+ full-length ebooks into print; our current goal is to publish two ebooks and four print […]

In wargaming news this week, the big surprise is that there is even more on the way for fans of The Hunters. The game was already enough of a hit that it merited a sequel that moved the action to the Pacific where American submarine captains could take their chances in duels with Japanese subs– […]