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Star Wars (Arkhaven Comics): The High Republic is one of Kathleen Kennedy’s pet projects.  Initially it was supposed to have Disney Plus shows and perhaps movies attached but now it has YA books and comic books.  It was rather interesting to watch it’s development because of all of the boasting they did about their creative […]

Because the Night is the second in James Ellroy’s Detective Lloyd Hopkins trilogy. The Mysterious Press hardback from December 1984, the Avon paperback from October 1986. Ellroy had read Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon (1981) and “realized it was a far superior book.” Ellroy “wanted another shot at making Sergeant Lloyd Hopkins as great a character […]

This article was originally posted on 1 March, 2020. At over 3000 novellas and nearly 1500 novels and spin-offs, the Perry Rhodan series is the longest running science fiction serial. For fifty-nine years, these adventures have followed the eponymous American astronaut to the moon and beyond. With amazing adaptability, quick wit, and dry humor, Perry […]

War gods, dragons, giant robots, and far-future gunslingers fill this week’s new releases. Dragon Mage (Rivenworld #1) – M. L. Spencer Aram Raythe has the power to challenge the gods. He just doesn’t know it yet. Aram thinks he’s nothing but a misfit from a small fishing village in a dark corner of the world. […]

We are extremely pleased to announce the publishing alliance between Arkhaven Comics and Brazil’s SuperPrumo Comics. SuperPrumo is the publisher of great action comics such as The Awakener, The Grey Claw, and Hecatomb, among others, all of which are being translated into English and will be published by Arkhaven in 2021. Arkhaven’s comics, including Alt-Hero, Chuck Dixon’s […]

Authors (CBC): The man was buried in June. Staff from the graveyard stood respectfully at his grave on a little hill near a forest. His coffin was covered in earth. A small numbered plaque on the ground recorded his grave’s location. But his name was not marked on the grave. The man’s name was Charles […]

I have looked at three of four novel by Marvin Albert writing as “Ian MacAlister:” Skylark Mission, Strike Force 7, and Valley of the Assassins. I had some luck at the end of summer finding the last, Driscoll’s Diamonds. I have been enthusiastic about Albert’s novels. Some consider Driscoll’s Diamonds the best of the lot. […]

This week, the Ozarks become Ground Zero for a fantasy invasion, King Arthur is found in space, and the World Wrecker and Henry Kuttner’s Elak return. The Avenger from Atlantis – Edmond Hamilton Action, excitement, wonder—three elements that are sorely lacking from most of today’s science fiction. But that wasn’t always the case! Edmond Hamilton, […]

Book Review (Ken Lizzi): So, here it is, the final Swords Against Darkness installment. #V. Sad. I wish Andrew Offutt had produced more. But how about that cover? I think it is terrific. There is an advertisement just inside the book for a series called Ro-Lan by Mike Sirota. Anyone read those? Any good? Andrew […]

Remember the Cold War? The potential for missile exchange with nuclear bomb tipped ICBMs, the Soviet Army blasting its way through the Fulda Gap, a dozen brush wars in the Third World? There was a time when the greater perceived threat was from People’s Republic of China and not the Soviet Union.  The Cultural Revolution […]

Today, we flip open Path to Villainy, by S. L. Rowland, and Bob’s Saucer Repair, by Jerry Boyd. Witt was an NPC kobold in a not-quite Dungeons and Dragons game world. Each day was the same. Wake up, serve the local adventurers, dodge all the kicks coming his way, and forget it all before the […]

Happy New Year! 2021 kicks off with bounty hunters, dragons, gladiator gamers, and Christianity’s interstellar remnant. The Bounty Hunter (Cade Korbin Chronicles #1) – Jasper T. Scott When it suited the Coalition, Cade was a Paladin, a member of their elite special forces. He did their dirty work and cleaned up their messes. Until his […]

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