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February – 2020 –

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Xianxia magical protectors, infernal collections agents, and dungeon fairy assistants fill this week’s list of fantasy and adventure new releases. Annex (Artorian’s Archives #3) – Dennis Vanderkerken and Dakota Krout Headmaster. Exile. Gladiator. Backed into a corner, Artorian must play fast and loose with the laws of the land. To gather what he needs to […]

T.V. (RMWC Reviews): The plot is similar, but different from the original Ultraman. Instead of merging with a human host, this show’s Ultraman came to Earth from the Land of Light in Nebula M78 (an actual nebula and part of the Orion constellation) and rescued a guy, then took his form and calling himself “Dan […]

Larry Correia is the Seabury Quinn of the 21st Century, and I mean that in a good way. For those of you who don’t know Seabury Quinn, he was a hugely popular writer for Weird Tales magazine from 1923 through 1951. The majority of his output featured Jules de Grandin, the French doctor, who battled […]

(Today’s column is a reprint of Kevyn Winkless’s excellent and heart-felt introduction to German science-fiction hero Perry Rhodan, originally posted on the Castalia House blog on 17 August, 2017. Kevyn ended his heart-felt appreciation for the run of Perry Rhodan published in English during the 1970s with “by all reports, the modern Rhodan is rich […]

Space marines, mercenaries, giant robots, and even an Evangelion or two feature in this week’s newest science fiction releases. Dawn of Empire (The Messenger #5) – J. N. Chaney and Terry Maggert The Messenger and his people continue their long fight against the Golden, but the war has just begun. When they discover reports of […]

Comic Books (DMR Books): Timothy Truman grew up in small-town West Virginia. spending his childhood reading comics and Conan paperbacks. One of his favorite comics writers was–and remains–Gardner F. Fox. Little did he know at the time, but someday Tim would illustrate the last sword-and-sorcery tale that Gar Fox ever wrote and relaunch Hawkman—a character […]

Abraham Merritt (1884-1943) occupied a position 75 years ago that J. R. R. Tolkien had 25 years ago. He was the science fantasy writer of the pulp magazine era. His novels all had hardback editions after the original magazine appearance. There was a magazine A. Merritt’s Fantasy Magazine that lasted for five issues 1949-50.  Avon […]

Steampunk knights, living dungeons, wizardry apprentices, and the Lord of the Jungle joins up with the Warlord of Mars in this week’s fantasy new releases. Black Frost (Dragon Wars #2) – Craig Halloran They must stay or go… But danger will soon follow. Surrounded by intense dragon wars brewing in the skies the newly full-fledged members of […]

For the King or for Richelieu?–that question had to be answered at one time or another by every young 17th Century Frenchman. But ill-advised political poetry might force that question, as Comte Guy d’Entreville soon discovers. For Cardinal Richelieu himself signed the papers sending Guy’s love, Catherine, to a convent for smuggling subversive papers. Allegedly. […]

Cinema ( The new DC Universe film ‘Birds of Prey’ is populated by despicable men, and feminist women who want to be just like them. The outcome: financial losses and moral bankruptcy. ‘Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)’ opened on Friday and stars two-time Academy Award nominated actress Margot Robbie […]

H. Bedford-Jones (1887-1949) is one of the contenders for highest producer of fiction for the pulp magazines. Jones wrote 231 novels. He wrote 1141 shorter works broken down into 21 novellas, 372 novelettes, and 748 shorter stories. A guestimate is he produced a minimum of 25 million words. Bedford-Jones wrote westerns, adventure, historicals, detective/mystery. A […]

Robert Bloch is best known for “Psycho”, of which a movie and a thousand imitations and memes were made. But he was also a staple of science fiction, weird fiction, and crime pulps. I’ve read one of his crime pulps before, a smug little “you didn’t really think it was vampires” whodunnit for a more […]