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Planetary avatars, post-apocalyptic vault dwellers, interstellar privateers, and alien hijackers feature in this week’s collection of science fiction’s newest releases. After the Sky (Spirits of the Earth #1) – Milo James Fowler The meek have not inherited the earth. The world isn’t how they left it. When the bunker airlocks release them after twenty years […]

Like “Death Note” before it I didn’t really intend to do a series of posts on “My Hero Academia”, which is indeed a series I talk about quite a lot. But, like then, I have more to say about the subject, and hopefully you will find it interesting as well. I am going to be […]

Publishing (Forbes): Today, the number of science fiction and fantasy magazine titles is higher than at any other point in history. That’s more than 25 pro-level magazines, according to a count from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, amid a larger pool of “70 magazines, 14 audio sites, and nine critical magazines,” according […]

Weird Tales magazine was not just H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, and Clark Ashton Smith during the Golden Age of the 1930s. It had a very solid second string of writers – Henry S. Whitehead, Donald Wandrei, E. Hoffmann Price, H. Warner Munn, and Carl Jacobi (1908-1997). I like Carl Jacobi, a lot. Enough […]

Superheroes, airship captains, dungeon cores, and misfit dragons abound in this week’s collection of fantasy’s newest releases. Chuck Dixon’s Avalon #5: Forced Entry – Chuck Dixon and Renato Rei The hunter has become the hunted. As the mysterious vigilante continues to stalk her prey, the crack international superhero team is on her trail and is […]