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March – 2020 –

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Normally we’d spread these out a bit, but since it’s been a while and because publishing the sixth issue means we can start putting the omnibus together, we decided to release issues #5 and #6 at the same time. And besides, if you’re on lockdown, what better way to spend the day than in Avalon […]

This Winter 2020 anime season was interesting. It had “ID: Invaded”, which was a kind of goofy sci-fi thriller I couldn’t really get into, a cute-girl-doing-MMO-things show called “BOFURI” that I followed for a few episodes and was all right, a very slow supernatural mystery in “In/Spectre” that I kind of liked in spite of […]

Writing (Wasteland & Sky): Action, movement itself, is essential to a pulp tale. The story must get in, get out, and say everything it can in as few words as possible. Because pulp writers had to hook the audience quickly they had to pack as much as they could into magazine guidelines. Even though they […]

Gunner Cade by Cyril Kornbluth and Judith Merrill as “Cyril Judd” first ran as a three-part serial in Astounding Science Fiction March to May 1952. This was the era of Poul Anderson, Walter M. Miller, H. Beam Piper, Raymond F. Jones and still some L. Sprague de Camp and Lester del Rey in the magazine. […]

This week’s fantasy and adventure new releases feature doomed felon NPCs, living saints policing the streets, and a spoiled princess trying to avoid a second trip to the headsman. Burnt (The Balance of Kerr #1) – Kevin Steverson and Tyler Ackerman An offer they couldn’t refuse. A chance to re-set the balance… Tog and Kryder […]

An ill-conceived bet brings Mangos and his new companion Kat to a vast no man’s land full of relics and magical anomalies in search of a fabled helm! Can Mangos and Kat retrieve Gorman’s helm or will they perish in the haunted wilds of Keres? Mangos is the Mongoose, a skilled, boastful, and hotheaded swordsman, […]

I did a bullet point review of Pokémon Yellow a while back, a decent-length review of Pokémon Sword, and a fairly short review of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Uranium (which is a fan game). So let’s look at each generation now in a bit more depth. There is a great retrospective about the generation […]

Cinema (Pulp Curry): Simba also depicts the various perspectives on the Kenyan side. In particular, is an amazing scene in which locals are inducted into the Mau Mau guerrilla movement, a ceremony that is replete with boy’s own voodoo type histrionics, but also shows that while some locals were keen to join the rebels, others […]

There is a rush discovering unknown or obscure fiction in your favorite genre.  Sometimes you find a great story in an anthology or collection. You find that digest or pulp magazine that contains a story you never heard of that pushes all the right buttons. Swords & Sorcery, The Fantastic Swordsmen, The Young Magicians, Swords […]

After a harrowing experience in their search for Burning Fish, Kat and Mangos are determined to never be poisoned again–could a Golden Pearl be the answer?! The latest adventure of Mongoose and Meerkat, “The Golden Pearl”, by Jim Breyfogle, graces the cover of Cirsova’s Spring 2020 issue. Mangos is the Mongoose, a skilled, boastful, and […]

Magitech relic hunters, ancient superintelligences, and anti-alien rebels feature in this week’s newest science fiction releases. In addition to these new releases, many authors are giving away or deeply discounting their books as much of the world self-isolates. Check your favorite authors’ websites, mailing lists, and sales pages for more details. The Dogs of God: […]

Anime (RMWC Reviews): By 1969, Japan had advanced quite far in terms of animation. Especially when a studio would put real effort behind a project, such as when Toei Animation released Sora Tobu Yuureisen in July of that year. Known in English as The Flying Phantom Ship or The Flying Ghost Ship, the film is […]