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A trip to the main library took me down to the military science section looking for new additions of Osprey Men-at-Arms booklets. Instead, C. J. Chivers’ The Gun caught my attention. This is a history of the AK-47 assault rifle. Chivers served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. He is a writer […]

Whether in life or in the pulps, old soldiers tell some of the greatest tales. And, in the pages of Argosy, from 1929 to 1939, there were none older that Thibaut Corday, an eighty-year-old legionnaire of the French Foreign Legion whose beard has yet to run completely white. Written as told to Theodore Roscoe, the […]

Fantasy weapons engineers, counterfeit sorcerers, and the last knight of Atlantis feature in this week’s collection of fantasy new releases. Cirsova Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring Suspense Issue #3 / Spring 2020 – edited by P. Alexander The newest issue of Cirsova includes: “Alpdruck!” by Michael Reyes – Clock has been dispatched to the […]

Popular Culture (DVS Press): If you needed more proof that the obsession with fictional corporate franchises has a religious overtone to it, here is a major filmmaker advertising just that. When my viewers were upset about the corporate destruction of Star Wars, calling the franchise a cultural institution, I thought it a bit hyperbolic – […]

Last week’s post on 1980s sword-and-sorcery movie posters proved to be very popular. I received some images of more movies and dug up more looking at the Tubi sword-and-sorcery movie list. Ator, the Fighting Eagle (1983): The son of Torren learns of his heritage, goes to avenge the deaths of his fellow villagers, and rescue his […]

The 49th issue of the Sanctum Books reprint of The Shadow holds a curious little treasure. Rounding out the issue, which contains The Shadow Laughs and Voice of Death, is an anonymous memo found in Lester Dent’s archives. Entitled “The Shadow’s Invisible Cloak,” the memo seeks a naturalistic explanation for The Shadow’s ability to turn invisible, a carryover into the […]

The Savage Wars, a litRPG inside a derelict space station, and a lone gunslinger grace this week’s newest science fiction releases. Banishment (The Forgotten Empire #1) – Raymond L. Weil Can Earth save the Human Empire? The Confederation consists of the seven oldest races in known space. They control a vast section of the galaxy. […]

D&D (Jon Mollison): fter nearly forty years of tabletop gaming, it can get a little hard to recapture the fresh weirdness of Gygaxian fantasy.  Particularly true in this day and age when the majority of D&D creatives believe that the height of creativity is something along the lines of, “just like before, only WOMEN!” or […]

The streaming service Tubi has a sword-and-sorcery movie section. Some of the movies I have never heard of. Others were prominent in the old video rental stores that sprang up in the middle and late 1980s. I have been watching some that I never caught the first time around while I get on the hamster […]

At over 3000 novellas and nearly 1500 novels and spin-offs, the Perry Rhodan series is the longest running science fiction serial. For fifty-nine years, these adventures have followed the eponymous American astronaut to the moon and beyond. With amazing adaptability, quick wit, and dry humor, Perry Rhodan united Earth and led humanity across the stars. […]