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The Big Five publishers won’t give us old school sword & sorcery but that is not stopping the small press. David J. West has been scratching the itch by producing blood & thunder sword & sorcery. I looked at Whispers of the Goddess a couple years back. This time I look at The Usurper under […]

The minute I stepped ashore from the Sea Girl, I had a hunch that there would be trouble. — Sailor Steve Costigan Robert E. Howard is best known for his sword and sorcery tales, and his heroes Conan and Kull. But Howard wrote more stories of Sailor Stevie Costigan than any other of his heroes […]

Fire and Bone (Echoes of Pangaea #2) – James Tarr After decades of civil war, La Fuerza is on the run in Mexico, the communist guerrilla army seemingly on its last legs. Sergeant Seamus O’Malley was a big reason for their current ill-fortune, and the veteran private contractor now has a huge price on his head. […]

Cinema (Arkhaven Comics): The trade press is going on at great length over how mega-super-great Thor: Love and Thunder is doing at the box office.  Despite a 68% second weekend crash. Yeah, it has hit the $500 million mark.  Good for them.  But it had a budget of $250 million and it was shot pre covid, so it […]

DMR Books’ Renegade Swords series of anthologies have collected flotsam and jetsam within the sword & sorcery genre with a new book each of the past three years. I have covered the first and second volumes. The newest is volume III. Format is trade paperback, 191 pages, cover by Brian LeBlanc. Contents: Adrian Cole    […]

Twenty five years real time/two months subjective time after the events of the first Strange Company, the company finds itself in the employ of the Monarch who betrayed it. Alongside simian guerillas and a rookie mech company, the Strange is thrust into the hottest fire in the galaxy: a desperate assault that will be the […]

Make sure to check the end for a partial list of current crowd-funding campaigns. Androids and Aliens (Star Runner Series #3) – B. V. Larson Two centuries after humanity colonized the stars, new dangers emerge. The peaceful inhabitants of the Conclave are threatened by expanding alien powers. Invaders threaten the star cluster, attacking our fringe […]

New (Wasteland & Sky): This has been a long time coming, and it is thanks to you, dear reader, that it has happened. Today is the official release of my new book, The Last Fanatics: How the Genre Wars Killed Wonder. This is a collection of essays, edited by myself, of my series on Fandom […]

In the 1990s, it seemed a new book on pulp art or lavishly illustrated books on the pulp magazines came out every year. Lee Server’s Danger is My Business was a great introduction to various pulp magazine genres with lots of color reproductions of pulp magazine covers. Robert E. Howard in the Pulps Vol. One […]

In the Sacred Valley, sacred artists hone body, mind, and spirit to influence the world around them. All except for Lindon, who was born “Unsouled” and forbidden to learn any of the sacred arts. But when the heavens open up and give Lindon a glimpse into a future cataclysm, his path is decided. To save […]

After Brandon Sanderson’s epic Kickstarter campaign and the smash success of Eric July’s Rippaverse, Kickstarters will be added to the regular New Release rotation. An Atlas of Bad Roads – a Kickstarter from Misha Burnett There are many strange places off the beaten paths in this great land of ours. From the abandoned shopping malls […]

This is a guest post by Jared: Robert E. Howard’s most famous creation, Conan of Cimmeria, lives in an era called the Hyborian Age. Conan’s barbarian–king predecessor, Kull of Atlantis, hails from a prior era called the Thurian Age. The Hyborian Age is meant to be a predecessor to a world that would be familiar […]