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Here is a guest post by Richard: ELFWIN by S. Fowler Wright: A Review By Richard Toogood The Anglo-Saxons have made something of a belated push for public recognition over recent years. Hitherto marginalised in favour of the doomed glamour of the Romano-Britons whom they supplanted, and the more tongue friendly named Normans that came […]

Sgt. Hawk: Tiger Island is the fourth novel in the series. Originally published by Leisure Books in 1982 and just reprinted by Rough Edges Press. The Marines have landed on the island of Rechnung but the push inland is halted. There are rumors that a company of Marines have disappeared altogether. The Japanese are testing […]

Popular Culture (Contemplations the Tree of Woe): Moreover, the change in our social mores is unpredictable in its pace and direction. Could Woodrow Wilson have predicted that his views would one day cause progressives to remove his mention from the school named for him? No, in his day he was the exemplar of progressivism. Could […]

I like to read books on paleontology. I used to read Peter Ward’s books a couple decades back. Bakker’s The Dinosaur Heresies and Adrian Desmond’s The Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs are on my shelves. One recent book that is garnering attention is Thomas Halliday’s Otherlands. The book was released on February 1, 2022 from Random House. I […]

Cirsova Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring Suspense #12 – edited by P. Alexander Daredevil Dylal O’Lal desires the impossible: to put his footprint on the surface of the sun! Though most insist it cannot be done, the existence of a young woman who proves to be wholly impervious to flames suggests his ultimate feat […]

Celziz plans to denounce Teriz, a royal guard of Alness, as a traitor who shirked his duty as the city fell! Jalani hopes that Mangos can stop him before it gets him killed! Mangos is the Mongoose, a skilled, boastful, and hotheaded swordsman, while Kat is the Meerkat, a beautiful yet mysterious woman who favors […]

T.V. (IGN): Aware of what Sapochnik was accomplishing on Game of Thrones, Condal asked if he would want to develop a Conan series with him and immediately agreed. “He was then off making Thrones for a year,” he explains. “I was writing scripts and sending them to him and he was sending me feedback.We wrote […]

Good sword & sorcery fiction has a strong horror element. It becomes Lin Carter when it doesn’t. What is more natural than putting the sword with Halloween, that spookiest of Celtic holidays? DMR Books has a forthcoming anthology of new fiction, Samhain Sorceries. The book contains 10 stories in 210 pages. Keith Taylor is the […]

Sgt. Hawk: Under Attack is book 3 in Patrick Clay’s “Sgt. Hawk” series. Leisure Books originally published the book in 1981. The opening chapter is a bitter fight on an island against well entrenched Japanese troops on a mountainside. Hawk uses a flame thrower in cleaning out one machine gun emplacement. Chapter 2 has Hawk’s […]

A friendly reminder to everyone that, unlike many bloggers who mysteriously stop blogging, I have NOT disappeared. You can find my work periodically on the Pinkerton’s Ghosts youtube channel. But enough of that now. Today we’re here to discuss something else. I found a new book! Normally not news, except that I REALLY, really loved […]

Rings of Power (Samuel D. James): Well, after watching the first two episodes, I can report that Amazon’s Lord of the Rings prequel The Rings of Power is neither as good as its advertising claims, nor as bad as its critics insist. Like many—perhaps most—other pop culture artifacts of the streaming era, it is mostly […]

A fairly new small press publication is Savage Realms. It is a magazine with an ambitious monthly schedule. Their website states: “Savage Realms Monthly is a new sword and sorcery magazine for fans of R.E. Howard, Karl Edward Wagner, and Michael Moorcock, featuring heroic tales of savage barbarians, evil wizards, and beautiful maidens. We aim […]