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Penguin books has long been synonymous with the classics. Just as one example, S. T. Joshi cited the Penguin classic edition of Lovecraft’s work as marking the pulp author’s ultimate canonization. But that was a long time ago– way back in 1999. I’m afraid, however, that Penguin is clearly losing their touch. Boing Boing has […]

Over at First Things, Marc Barnes points out how the spiritual element of Star Wars was retconned away in the prequels: In the prequels, the Force is a part of the biological world. It is accessed not by the mind or spirit but by microscopic organisms. This view renders the Jedi religion superfluous—one either has a […]

Top book blogger Hooc Ott crashes yet another safe space in the comments on a post entitled pre- Le Guin SF Short Fic Reviews over at Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations blog. It turns out that, yes, being a fan of one of science fiction’s most beloved pulp authors is in fact triggering to certain […]

It’s time to get your 2016 Planetary Award Nominations in! Here are mine: Longer story (novels) — Without a doubt, the best novel I read last year was Swan Knight’s Son. I thought it was just me at first. I mean, surely I’m about the only person that really wants an undiluted vision of knightly […]

There is a lot of great stuff in The Frisky Pagan’s latest post, but this part especially struck me: Q: I’ve read that the target audience of most pulps was twelve year old boys. Have you consciously ‘written down’ to your audience at times? A: Twelve-year-old boys? No, no. Kids didn’t read the pulps. Not […]

Over at Dyvers, Charles Akins reports that players are still struggling with concept of alignment in their tabletop fantasy role-playing games: A friend of mine had invited three teenage players into his game. The three players decided to play characters with different alignments. The first decides to play Lawful Evil, the second elects to become […]

There’s a lot of nonsense in The Rise of Science Fiction from Pulp Mags to Cyberpunk over at Electric Lit– so much, it’s hard to know where to start. For my money, the passage below is the one that takes the cake: But “the Golden Age” has come to mean something else as well. In […]

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