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Chuck Dixon’s Siege of the Black Citadel is a brand new novel from Castalia House. Dixon started writing King Kull stories for the comic Savage Sword of Conan in 1985. If I am correct his first Conan story was “Winter of the Wolf” in The Savage Sword of Conan #133 (February 1987). If my spread […]

A very recent Baen Books’ anthology is Worlds Long Lost edited by Christopher Ruocchio and Sean CW Korsgaard. This is the description: ALL-NEW STORIES OF ANCIENT ALIEN ARTIFACTS FROM TOP NAMES IN SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY The universe is older and more alien than we can ever understand. We were not alone. The farther we […]

Men’s Adventure Quarterly issue number 5 is “The Dirty Dozen Issue.” I read and wrote about the novel The Dirty Dozen last year. Dimensions are 8 x 10 inches, 171 pages. Contents include three editorials. There is a section devoted to model Eva Lynd including art and poses.

I am always up for a good alternate history novel. I think it was Harry Turtledove’s Agent of Byzantium that really got me into the genre. John Maddox Roberts had a great alternative history with the unfinished Hannibal’s Children series where Hannibal defeated the Roman and exiled them to the north. We have a new […]

The latest issue of Cirsova, Winter 2021 (Vol 2, No. 9) arrived recently and made up part of this week’s reading. Contents consist of three novelettes and seven stories. “For We are Many”: Zak travels across alternate universes eluding and destroying avatars of himself who are generally evil. He comes face to face with a […]

Karl Edward Wagner (1945-1994) is a figure that still casts a shadow. I discovered him in 1983 when Warner Books reprinted the five Kane paperbacks and also the horror collection In a Lonely Place. I have fond memories of reading Wagner, Michael Moorcock, and Fritz Leiber in the summer of 1983 while listening to the […]

The theme for the second issue of Men’s Adventures Quarterly is espionage. As I wrote looking at the first issue, Men’s Adventure Quarterly is top-tier in presentation. The 8.5 x 11 inch format allows for lavish reproductions of men’s adventure magazines including pictorial layouts. The men’s adventure magazines from the 1950s to the 1970s overlapped […]

DMR Books has had an ambitious publishing schedule. This summer has seen the release of Planetary Adventures, Prehistoric Adventures, and Viking Adventures. I picked up Prehistoric Adventures last weekend at the DMR Books table at Pulpfest. I have a fondness for prehistoric/caveman fiction. Who among you read Jim Kjelgaard’s The Fire Hunter as a lad? […]

DMR Books has a series of reprint anthologies of classic fantastic fiction. The first is Planetary Adventures. “Heroic tales of sword-swinging adventure can sometimes be found in unlikely places—such as the pages of Golden Age science fiction magazines! Rather than being set in the dim past or a fantastic dream-world, the stories in this collection […]

Almost six years ago, I wrote about Tanith Lee when she died, as a sword & sorcery writer. She was not at the blood and thunder end of the spectrum but at the other more fantastic end. Her stories were dark fairy tales. They were fables presented as modern fantasy. Tanith Lee could be more […]

One of life’s pleasures is a well put together anthology of genre fiction. The genre that gives me the most joy to read is sword & sorcery. Sword & sorcery has it all: adventure, supernatural, glamor within a larger than life backdrop. Great reading whether on a cold winter night or sunny Saturday afternoon on […]