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Arkhaven Comics is pleased to announce GUSSIE AT BAY, the fifth issue in the RIGHT HO, JEEVES series, which tells of the travails of the inimitable Bertie Wooster, who is summoned from the comforts of #3A Berkley Mansions, London to Brinkley Manor by his imperious Aunt Dahlia. Love is in the air and Wodehousian shenanigans […]

Three best-selling space operas return in this week’s roundup of the newest releases in science fiction. Agents of Mars (Starship’s Mage: Red Falcon #3) – Glynn Stewart Captain David Rice and the crew of Red Falcon have spent two years infiltrating the arms smuggling underworld of the Protectorate of the Mage-King of Mars. When the […]

The return of the Sellsword is going to be SAVAGE. Thrust into a conspiracy of kings and bandits, he fights for what is right. Taking place years before Brutal and Fierce, the Sellsword is enticed into joining with a secret band of rogues and stealing back the treasures of a kingdom! But can he tell […]

Castalia House is pleased to announce Richard Cain’s latest book, VESSEL OF VENUS, the second in the Diary of an Ex-Angel series. Mark is a down-and-out IT professional with a secret. When he discovers a sorcery app that gives him incredible powers, he sets out to win his ex-girlfriend’s love and start a new life – […]

Victorian detectives, magical girls, superheroes, and half-orc henchmen fill this week’s roundup of the newest releases in fantasy and adventure. The Atlantis Cipher (The Relic Hunters #2) – David Leadbeater A lost world. An ancient code. A deadly chase. Five ancient statues have been unearthed in South America, each containing a mysterious coded message hinting […]

Arkhaven Comics is proud to announce the release of the digital edition of CHUCK DIXON’S AVALON #2: RULEBREAKER. Kindle and CBZ editions have already been sent out to Alt★Hero campaign backers. Detective Ben Church is hot on the heels of the vigilante who murdered a city councilman in broad daylight. But agents of the UN Superhuman Protection […]

Castalia House is very pleased to announce the publication of 4D WARFARE: A Doctrine for a New Generation of Politics by Jack Posobiec. 4D Warfare: A Doctrine for a New Generation of Politics is a revolutionary guide to applying the basic principles of military intelligence to social media, written by a proven master of the information space. […]

This week’s roundup of the newest releases in science fiction features new volumes for many fan-favorite series, including Ciaphas Cain, The Ember War, The Four Horsemem, and Galactic Liberation. Breakout (Fugitive Marines #1) – David Ryker and Douglas Scott When a meteor strike unleashes an alien intelligence bent on taking over the human race, only […]

Dark Legion Comics is pleased to announce that Will Caligan’s Gun Ghoul: Raising the Dead is now in print. Someone – or something – is taking out the crime lords of Chicago. Agent Justice of the FBI is on the case. She is a Meta Prime, with the ability to see into the past. But not even […]

Arkhaven Comics is pleased to announce the publication of the digital edition of Alt★Hero #4: The War in Paris. This marks the fifth of the 24 issues promised in the original Alt★Hero campaign, and we will release the sixth, Chuck Dixon’s Avalon #2, next week. The first paperback and hardcover omnibuses are expected to be sent to backers […]

Biker barbarians, soaring airships, Aztec gladiator games, and King Arthur’s renegade son await in this week’s roundup of the newest releases in fantasy and adventure. The Blood of Giants (Adventures of Baron Von Monocle #2) – Jon Del Arroz Zaira von Monocle is getting the hang of commanding her airship, when crisis hits her homeland, […]

The initial conclusion of Will Caligan’s illustrated story of a supernatural search for justice comes with Gun Ghoul #4. The Crimson Hood, a psychopath Meta Prime hired by Chicago crime lord Mr. Steele, has proven to be more powerful than the Gun Ghoul and revealed him to be little more than an ordinary man. But the […]